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SNAPTAIN SP660 Features



If this is not the most beautiful drone out here in the market, perhaps beauty has lost its meaning. The color combination is quite appealing, so is the design and the style of the SNAPTAIN SP660 drone.

It has black and red blades, the splash of colors on the back of the drone make it eye catching indeed. However, this is not strange at all because SNAPTAIN makes some of the most attractive drones in the market.

However, there is more to this drone than just the good looks. Some time back, we looked at the SNAPTAIN A15, which is a foldable, nimble and agile drone that was released in 2018. From their past specimens, we have come to expect the very best from them. They have not excelled in looks alone, but in performance as well.

What are some of its features, in addition to the flashy lights, colors and all?  That is what we are going to look at in the upcoming sections.

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