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SNAPTAIN SP700 Drone Review


If you care about appearances, you will find the military camouflage color of this drone very appealing. But looks are not all that there is to the SNAPTAIN SP700 GPS drone with brushless motors. It also has many flight functions.

The drone also comes with a few extras. For example, because it has brushless motors, it is able to resist the wind very well. Of course, we shall look at this drone’s features and flight functions in the upcoming sections.


SNAPTAIN SP700 Features & Technical Details

If you are a beginner drone pilot and you are looking for a bare-basics drone, you might want to try a smaller, cheaper drone. This one is best suited for someone who is between beginner and advanced user.

Design and build quality

SNAPTAIN builds their drones to high standards. They do not disappoint. This drone comes fully assembled already and all that you need to do is insert the battery, which comes charged and fly it.

The size of the drone is 17.1 by 12.6 by 5.4 inches. This is quite a good size, not too small and not too big. When you get the package, ensure there is a spare set of prop blades, a USB to microUSB charger, a small screwdriver, prop removal tool, balance charger, remote controller and the drone itself.

This is a brushless motor drone with 18061800kv brushless motors. We cannot overemphasize how important that is. These motors make minimal noise, they also do not overheat and most importantly, they are real performers that give the drone the power to resist the wind very well.

The SP700 has a high quality build thanks to the ABS plastic casing. This protects the interior parts of the quadcopter very well. The drone also has landing gear under each propeller.

Camera quality

As a camera drone, the quality of the images and videos that you can capture is one of the main reasons for buying this quadcopter. It comes with 2K camera, which gives professional quality images and videos. With a 110-degree field of view, you can capture awesome moments from the air. With 5G WiFi connectivity, you will get incredible real-time video transmission. Just download the SNAPTAIN eco app to your mobile phone to enjoy high quality FPV transmission. There is a slot for a microSD card so that you can store your video and photo footage.

Battery quality and flight time

The SP700 brushless motor drone has an 1800mAh Lithium polymer battery.This battery is going to give the user 18 minutes of flight time. You can find out whether you can buy an extra battery so that you enjoy a longer flight time. This is a modular battery too, so it has two bars indicating the amount of charge left. At the same time, the drone emits a continuous beep when the battery gets low to warn you.

Remote controller

You will love using this remote controller. It is easy to use and has a clip-on smartphone holder. The controller also has all the important functions such as one key return, one key take off and landing, the key to take photos and videos – press to take photos and long-press to take videos.

There is also an on-off button as well as a button for turning the GPS mode off. To arm the motors. Pull the joysticks towards you and then push them inwards and to disarm the motors, do the opposite.

Flight Features and Functions

Since this is a GPS drone, it has many automatic flight functions. Here are several of them:

Automatic return to home

You will never lose this drone. As soon as it loses signal or the battery charge runs low, the drone turns back and comes home, from where it was launched from or to the person holding the remote controller.

Follow Me Mode

Get the drone to follow you at a respectable distance just by engaging this mode. If you move faster, it will move faster and vice versa. This is a good function for people that love mountain biking, road trips and similar adventures.

Plan A Route

With this function, you get to plan the route that you would like the drone to follow on the app. Choose the places with the best sceneries so that you can capture good videos and photos.

Point of Interest

When you find an interesting feature anywhere, you can take videos and photos of the same from all angles and directions. Just engage the point of interest function and get the drone to circle the object taking videos and photos from all angles.

GPS hovering

With this function, you can hover the drone accurately anytime that you want. It will hold the altitude and take distortion-free images and videos in hover mode.

Headless mode

With this function, never again will you worry about the direction that the drone faces. Just engage this mode and the drone aligns itself in regard to the position of the pilot.

SNAPTAIN SP700 Auto Return

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

This is a good drone. It is easy to set up and get started and the flight time is really good. I would buy it again.  Kim Jon.

I am a beginner and this is my first drone ever. I love its automatic functions such as return to home, follow me, plan a route and others. Agastin A.

With the SP700, I have learned firsthand the difference between the difference between 720P and 2K camera quality. The latter is really vivid and captures colors beautifully.  Christine H.

I hope the authorities do not get to read this but… I once flew this drone to a range of about 1200 feet till it was out of sight. Apprehensively, I pressed the return home key and it came back. Marx W.

I have only been able to get 16 minutes tops from a full battery. Has anyone done the full 18 minutes that the manufacturer claims? Leroy  J.


  • Long flight distance when using the remote controller at 1680 feet
  • High quality camera takes vivid photos and videos
  • Easy to fly through the app or with the remote controller
  • Drone can achieve up to 18 minutes of flight time with one battery
  • Tap fly function where you draw dots on the app, connect them and bingo! You have a flight route


  • At this price, we feel the drone should have come with a carry case
  • It is not foldable so it packs big when you are traveling

SNAPTAIN SP700 Follow Me

Who Should Buy The SNAPTAIN SP700 Drone?

You could be a beginner, an advanced user,  or somewhere in between. As a beginner, you will learn how to fly on one of the best drones in the market. You may never want to upgrade to a bigger one, what with 2K HD camera, long flight range and so many automated flight functions. As an advanced user, you will find the drone performance good, camera quality great, build quality just so-so (it is not foldable). On a scale of 10, we can say this is money well spent.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This drone is not foldable and it does not come with a carry-case. For some people, such things could be deal breakers, especially people who travel with their drones. However, the drone does seem to do everything that the manufacturer says it can do. Fly it in open spaces, use an SD card to store your videos and photos and most importantly, read the user manual. It is well-dtailed and it can teach a beginner how to fly this quadcopter.

Show me the price !

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