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SNAPTAIN SP7100 Drone Review


As they say on their company page, many people desire to fly but only a few of us can make it to the air. Therefore, to bring you closer to your dream of flying, the China-based Vantop Technology Limited that makes the SNAPTAIN SP7100 brings you a wide range of kid, adult, beginner and advanced drones to help you experience the joy of flying.

Among other drones under this brand name that we have reviewed here include SNAPTIAN A15, SP600, SP700, SP660 and S5C. As you can see, there is quite a wide range of drones in this stable.

Back to our SNAPTAIN SP700 review, this reasonably priced drone comes with features such as 4K camera, brushless motors, shock absorption for the camera and many more.

In addition, the quadcopter has a high capacity battery with a long flight time. If you are a beginner, you will also appreciate the availability of many automatic functions. We shall look at these later, in detail.

Like any other quadcopter in the market, this one also has its downsides. For instance, one of the issues some users have reported includes the drone not responding to commands like return home. While this appears to be isolated to a few cases, it could still happen to you.

Let’s check the main features of this drone.


SNAPTAIN SP7100 Features & Technical Details

Always consider the features that any drone comes with. That way, you will know whether it will be easy to fly, how long the battery lasts and so on.

Design & Build Quality

By design, this is a foldable drone, which makes it such a darling for travelers. When you fold it, it measures 6.9 by 3.9 by 2.5 inches. When you unfold it for flight, the size increases to 14.8 by 13.6 by 2.5 inches. As you can see, this is quite a big difference.

This quad comes with brushless motors. These have their benefits. For instance, they do not wear out as fast as the brushed motors. In addition, they require minimal maintenance.

The weight of this aircraft is 505g. This is double the weight under which you are not required to register your aircraft with the FAA. Therefore, you need to register it online before you can fly it.

While no drone is crash-proof, the quality of the material used for the fuselage helps. In this case, the SP7100 has been built with ABS plastic. Therefore, it helps to protect the electronic parts during a crash by absorbing the impact’s shock.

Battery and Flight Time

In the package, you will get a high quality lithium-polymer battery that has a capacity of 3600mAh. It will give you a long flight time of 26 minutes or thereabouts.

However, the flipside of this battery is that it takes a bit long to charge at 5 hours. This is something that we have come to expect with many high capacity drone batteries.

Something else that we might mention about this battery is that it is modular by design. Therefore, you can remove it and charge it out of the quadcopter. In addition, it is safe because it is sealed. Lastly, it is protected against over-charge.

Camera Quality

A drone can never be complete if it does not come with a good camera. That is why the SNAPTAIN SP7100 has been equipped with a high quality 4K camera.

In addition to the high resolution, this camera also comes with shock absorbers. Therefore, even when there is “turbulence”, there will be no distortion in your footage. When the drone shakes, the camera stays stable and it maintains the right orientation.

On the same note, the camera’s vertical angle is adjustable by up to 90 degrees from the remote controller. Therefore, you can be able to get the best view possible when the drone flies.

You will also enjoy an FPV experience since the drone is equipped with 5G WiFi. The only downside here is that your smartphone has to support 5G connectivity.

SNAPTAIN SP7100 Camera

Helpful Tip: Since the drone supports SD card of up to 64GB, get one so that you can store footage in high resolution and save your phone storage space.  

Remote Controller

SNAPTAIN remote controllers are some of the best in the market and the “best” in this case applies to their simplicity. Therefore, it is not full of buttons on the surface. Therefore, even if you are a beginner, you will not find the remote controller confusing at all.

The handholds are at the bottom part of the remote controller. At the same time, the foldable smartphone holder is at the top. That way, your eyes will always be on the action on your phone.

The remote controller comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. Therefore, you don’t have to deal with the shenanigans of looking for alkaline batteries.

The connectivity range of the remote controller is 2625 feet.

Flight Functions

The SP7100 drone is equipped with important functions that make it easy to fly all the time. Here are some of them:

GPS function

This drone is enabled with GPS functions. Therefore, some of the things to look forward to include GPS return home. If the drone loses power or connectivity with the remote controller or app, it will turn and come back home automatically.

The aircraft comes with ultrasonic positioning, which is yet another GPS function. In addition, there is optical flow positioning, GPS location and altitude hold.

Headless Mode

Get the drone to align itself to the position of the pilot without wasting too much time. Therefore, you do not have to worry that the aircraft will fly in the wrong direction when the pilot changes position.

Gesture Mode

This is one of the best hands-free mode for traveling, road trips, beach time and other outdoor adventures. In this case, you show the drone a victory sign and it starts taking pictures. In addition, when you show it the palm sign, it starts to capture video.

Custom Flight

To create a custom flight path for your drone to follow, just open the map interface on the app. You can then draw a line on your screen on areas that you want the quadcopter to fly over. Once you launch it, the quad flies over that route.

Point of Interest

If you want the quadcopter to fly around a certain monument, you can use the point of interest mode. It will fly around at the set radius taking footage from all directions.

Follow Me Mode

When you set this mode, the quadcopter connects to the GPS module in your smartphone and follows you wherever you go.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I own the SNAPTAIN SP500 drone and now, I have just acquired the SP7100. I am looking forward to a great time with it, one of these weekends. Martin B.

As a seasoned drone enthusiast, I think the SP7100 is fairly priced considering the features and the functions that it comes with. Justin H.

Drone comes with a spare set of props, a nice camera, a long lasting battery and even a carry bag. I would buy it again. Deno L.

My SP7100 flew away and I ran after it like a crazy man. What happened is that it started losing connectivity so thinking it had flown out of range, I ran after it to reconnect. Sadly, there was no reconnection and the drone crashed some distance ahead when the battery ran out of charge. Nicky M.

My first SNAPTAIN SP7100 failed and I emailed the company. I was sent a new one two weeks later, which works just fine. Plus I got to keep the first one although they cautioned me not to fly it. Lee K.

SNAPTAIN SP7100 Positioning System


  • It comes with a storage bag
  • Supports a TF card of up to 64GB
  • Easy to fly even for beginners
  • Folds into a small size
  • Has many flight functions
  • Rechargeable battery for remote controller is a good idea


  • Some users have complained of slow response to commands

Who Should Buy The SNAPTAIN SP7100 Drone?

Both beginners and experienced users can get this drone because it is easy and a lot of fun to fly. In addition, the cost is good for a person who does not want to have to upgrade to a new or bigger one soon.

Conclusion and Recommendation

By now, you might already be convinced that the SNAPTAIN SP7100 drone is the one for you. Once you get it, there are a few vital things to note. First, start by reading the user manual. That way, you will find out how to calibrate it. Secondly, fly it on calm days when there is no wind. Thirdly, choose a large open space to fly it so that it does not crash into things.

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