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AEE Selfly II Technical Details

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AEE Selfly II Review

And the drones get smaller and smaller, but more effective even in the smallest of sizes. This is the conclusion that you will draw when you read this AEE Selfly II review. Nano drones are not exactly new in the market, with the name nano being used to mean drones that can fit in your palm. However, the AEE Selfly II brings a new kind of small into the market, and it is foldable too. When the DJI Spark was introduced into the market a couple of years ago, it was all the rage in the market. You see, it was the size of a soda can, could fly fast, looked very stylish and could shoot stunning footage even at the top speed of 31 miles per hour. However, now comes the AEE Selfly II, much smaller, foldable and can fit in your trouser pocket with space to spare. It seems the tiny drone revolution has just begun!

AEE Selfly II Image

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