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AEE Selfly II Review

AEE Selfly II Image

And the drones get smaller and smaller, but more effective even in the smallest of sizes. This is the conclusion that you will draw when you read this AEE Selfly II review. Nano drones are not exactly new in the market, with the name nano being used to mean drones that can fit in your palm. However, the AEE Selfly II brings a new kind of small into the market, and it is foldable too. When the DJI Spark was introduced into the market a couple of years ago, it was all the rage in the market. You see, it was the size of a soda can, could fly fast, looked very stylish and could shoot stunning footage even at the top speed of 31 miles per hour. However, now comes the AEE Selfly II, much smaller, foldable and can fit in your trouser pocket with space to spare. It seems the tiny drone revolution has just begun!

AEE Selfly II Image

AEE Selfly II Features & Technical Details

Drone build and design

The most intriguing thing about this small drone is the design and the build quality. First, the size is 5.6 inches by 2.8 inches by 0.4 inches. Now, that is small by all standards. With a weight of 68 g including the battery and the propeller protectors, it is hard to feel such weight when you are walking around with the drone in your trouser or jacket pocket.

The material used to make the casing of this drone is thin, hence the minimal weight, yet very strong at the same time. PC+carbon fiber is that good, anyway and that is why many drone makers use it to construct the body of their drones.

This drone is foldable into a small docket that is about 1 cm think. That is almost the size of a modern day smartphone. When they say that this smart little drone is the size of a smartphone case, it is because that is exactly what is, when folded. You can take it anywhere with you without breaking a sweat.

Cool Selfie Drone – No Remote Control Needed!

The camera quality

Tiny as it is, the AEE Selfly II is a camera drone. It can take video footage at 720P, 60fps and the lens is adjustable within a range of 70 degrees. You can store all of your videos and photos in a micro SD card because this drone has a slot for one. For images, you will get a photo resolution of 2560 by 1440. That is quite impressive for such a small drone. With a field of view of 60 degrees and a Delay Shoot or Single Shoot mode of 3s, 5s or 10s, you know this is a good camera by all standards.

With selfie drones becoming more popular now than ever, the inclusion of a camera even in the tiniest drones is pretty much the standard.

Battery and flight time

Tiny drone means tiny battery, right? We consider the flight time of 4 minutes that you can get from this drone quite good. The Selfly uses a lithium polymer battery and it can do a flight range of 15 meters at the speed of 3 meters per second. This drone can also fly to a maximum height of 10 meters. The manufacturer says that you can use two standard batteries so that you can fly the Selfly for 9 minutes.

Impressive flight features

You will love the fact that this drone has follow me mode. It also has gesture control. Just find the mode that you are looking for in the app and then punch it. Follow me mode is great for people that love taking selfies. Please note that this drone does not have a remote controller. Thankfully, its app is compatible with android and iPhone. Another thing that you will love about the Selfly is that it has headless direction mode. If you are new to drones, you do not need to bother about where the nose is facing. Just punch it and the drone will come towards you.

Safety features

If you lose control of the drone, it is going to land automatically. The same also happens when it is on low battery. In any case, unless the drone flies away with the wind, it would be impossible to lose it since the maximum flight range is 15 meters, so it will always be within sight. For more assurance however, please avoid flying the drone in windy conditions.

If you want the drone to land immediately, just touch the one-touch landing button. The propellers also have guards to keep them safe incase the drone crashes.

Extra technology in the Selfly

This is a drone of the future and that is why a lot of technology has been incorporated in its design and flight system. For example, it has face-tracking capability, optical flow positioning (feature that enables your drone to hold its height without your involvement. Mostly it works with altitude hold).

After shooting your videos and photos, you would want to share them, so the one-click download and share feature comes in quite handy for you. With face unlock feature, it means that the drone can capture your face details such that when you need to fly it, you can just lift it to face level and once it recognizes your features, it gets ready to fly.
AEE Selfly II Face Tracking

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I was part of the kickstarter project that was launched to fund the production of this drone. When I got my drone several months later, I was impressed and I was glad to see what it can do. It is quite small though and sometimes I even forget it is in my jacket pocket. Rahul S.

I was impressed by the small size of this drone. However, I was a bit apprehensive about the price of $130. Today, I have flown this drone several times in my yard. Pascal K.

The Selfly has many advanced features. For example, I use face unlock all the time. I usually fly it in gesture mode. I love the technology packed in such a small unit. Lizzy T.

I think this drone is too costly even with all the features that it comes with. However, since it is the smallest I have seen so far, I think I am going to keep it. Shad J.

Personally, I think the selfie stick is about to earn itself the name of being the shortest-lived technology ever thanks to the small AEE Selfly II selfie drone. Rob W.

The main reason why I love this drone is that just the same way that I carry my phone in my pocket, I can now carry my aerial camera just as easily. Arthur M.

Pros of AEE Selfly II

  • Has a lot of advanced tech features
  • Headless mode, optical flow positioning, face tracking, follow me and gesture control
  • High quality camera with adjustable angle
  • Good for taking selfie pictures
  • Flies quite well in hands-free mode
  • Small and foldable – almost the size of a smartphone case
  • Many safety features such as auto landing on low battery or connection loss

Cons of AEE Selfly II

  • Short flight time
  • No one knows how to get spares

Who Should Buy the AEE Selfly II?

Anyone who loves to try groundbreaking technology can buy the Selfly. As you have seen in this AEE Selfly II review, this is a good drone, small and foldable and comes with a universal case for smartphones that are between 4 and 7 inches long. Since the drone has been built with enough safety features to prevent loss or damage from crashes, you can keep it for a long time. You will see that the features justify the price of the drone.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The AEE Selfly II is a good drone with a nice camera for your selfies. If you love taking pictures when you are out in the park or when holding family parties (who doesn’t?) this drone is going to take awesome selfies. Your selfie stick can only extend so far and may not be able to take selfies with many people. Just study the user manual first before you can fly the drone. See why it is referred to as the best aerial camera of its size.

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