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AKASO A31 Features


AKASO A31 Drone Review

Can you get a low price drone that can do 1080P videos? Yes; the AKASO A31. Where small, entry-level drones are concerned, we can say that this one makes all the merits. It is budget-friendly, kid and beginner-friendly. As you will also see in this review, toy drones keep getting better with time. They are packing more automated features, better camera quality and they are durable.

Choosing a small drone is usually hard because they all look alike. From a glance, it can be hard to tell which has special features and which hasn’t. After reading this review, you should love the no-frills AKASO A31 made by Akaso Tech. It is simple, stylish and it does what it is supposed to do – fly and take nice, HD images and videos.

Because of the low price, you might have your doubts. That is what we seek to clear with this A31 review. Keep reading to see the build quality, design, camera quality, battery time and its automated flight functions.

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