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AKASO A31 Drone Review


Can you get a low price drone that can do 1080P videos? Yes; the AKASO A31. Where small, entry-level drones are concerned, we can say that this one makes all the merits. It is budget-friendly, kid and beginner-friendly. As you will also see in this review, toy drones keep getting better with time. They are packing more automated features, better camera quality and they are durable.

Choosing a small drone is usually hard because they all look alike. From a glance, it can be hard to tell which has special features and which hasn’t. After reading this review, you should love the no-frills AKASO A31 made by Akaso Tech. It is simple, stylish and it does what it is supposed to do – fly and take nice, HD images and videos.

Because of the low price, you might have your doubts. That is what we seek to clear with this A31 review. Keep reading to see the build quality, design, camera quality, battery time and its automated flight functions.


AKASO A31 Features & Technical Details

The features of a drone make you fall in love with a drone at first sight. Among some of the important things to consider here is how it looks, how durable it is, whether it is a nice size and so on. We will look at its physical features in detail.

Design and build quality

This is not exactly a fit-the-palm kind of small drone. It is bigger than that at 13 by 13 by 4 inches of size. It weighs 750g, so you definitely need to register it with the FAA before you can fly it.

The exterior casing of this drone is made with high quality and strong ABS plastic. This kind of plastic does not crack even if the drone collides with something in its flight path. You can be sure that the delicate interior parts of the drone are protected all the time.

Regarding the finishing, it is a matte black paint, with touches of blue on the center part of the drone. Two arms also have small strips of blue. While many users think that the X-shape of this drone does not do it justice, it still makes the drone look unique.

Camera quality

It does not matter whether it is a toy drone or not but if it is a camera drone, then the camera had better be worth it. With a 1080P camera, you will get decent video and photo quality. This is a wide-angle camera at 120 degrees. It can capture HD videos and photographs with good clarity and detail.

Since this is an FPV-enabled drone, you can get real-time video transmissions of what your drone can see as it flies. You can enjoy your first person view on your smartphone.

Battery and flight time

Get 8 minutes of flight time from the rechargeable modular battery. With a capacity of 750mAh, this battery should not take too long to charge. However, you can always order a couple more batteries to prolong your flight time. That way, the 90-minute charging time will not seem too long for you.

The battery is safe to use and handle. It has a port for charging, and there are no exposed wires. You will not worry when your kid has to change the battery. It is also easy to remove or insert into the drone.

Remote controller

Just like the drone, the remote controller also comes in black and blue finishing. It is light in weight so you can use it for a long time without feeling the strain in your wrists or fingers. It is made of the same ABS plastic material that is used to make the casing of the drone.  For power, you have to use three AAA batteries and you have to buy them separately.

Flight features and functions

The AKASO A31 comes with a wealth of automated functions. As a beginner drone, this is expected. Here are some of the functions that you should enjoy using in the quadcopter.

Auto takeoff and landing key

This has become one of the most common functions in toy drones for kids and beginners. Just press this key and the drone takes off. It will hover at a respectable height waiting for the next move. It will do the same when you bring it home to land.

3 speed modes

This is quite a thoughtful feature for a beginner quadcopter. Users get an opportunity to cultivate some skill on the low speed. They can try the higher speed when they have gained some experience. You get high medium and low speed modes with the A31.

Flips and Rolls

Not many small drones have this feature, but you can get to use it here. While it is still in-flight, you can get the quadcopter to do 360-degree rolls and flips. Please note using this function may consume more battery power, but the fun makes it worth it.

Trajectory Flight

Open the app on your smartphone; draw a route on the map that you would like the drone to follow. When you launch it, it follows that route. You can fly the drone hands-free. Just choose a route with the best scenery to make awesome video footage.

Headless mode

The X-shape of this drone makes it look all the same from any side. That could be a bother to a beginner and so when headless mode is engaged, the drone flies in relation to the pilot. You do not have to worry about where the nose faces even when the drone is far from you.

Altitude Hold

Lock your quadcopter to a certain height as you worry about the forward flight only. Beginners cannot be able to hold the height of the drone manually as it flies, hence the addition of this function.


Get the quadcopter to come back home if it flies out of range or the battery starts to run low. This ensures that the drone does not get lost.

Summary of feedback from existing owners

Don’t fly this one in the wind. Apart from that, everything else works as advertised. It is small and affordable enough to buy your kids. Mr. King

This is my first ever drone. I found it quite easy to handle, short learning curve and all. I just followed the user manual instructions. Justin P.

If you are an advanced pilot, you will find this one a bit boring. However, it is a gem for beginners as it has enough automated functions. Rando W.

I bought this drone as a gift for my nephew and he has been having a ball with it. Being experienced in drones, I picked this one for the price, its automated flight functions and the hardy build. Martin J.

You can expect good video footage from this camera if you take it in daylight. It also takes nice photographs. Raph K.

AKASO A31 Rotation

AKASO A31 Pros

  • It has LED navigation lights to assist in flying in the dark
  • Three speed mode is a nice touch
  • Easy to use even if it is your first drone
  • Good HD quality camera
  • You can trim the drone to keep it flying level in the wind
  • You can record your video on SD card as there is a slot for one on top of the camera
  • It is a hardy drone and it comes with a few spare parts

AKASO A31 Cons

  • Flies badly in the wind
  • Battery time could be better

Who Should Buy The AKASO A31?

This is a small beginner toy drone. However, that should not deter you from buying it. It costs an affordable price and has some nice features and flight functions to boot. If you need a simple, easy to use aerial camera to capture family photos and videos, get this drone. It is also a simple specimen that your kids can use, but make sure they are old enough and that they never fly it alone.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This is a good drone, and it is worthy of its price. However, there are a few recommendations to bear in mind. First, never fly it in the wind. A gust of wind can make it vanish. Secondly, never use the high-speed mode if you do not have experience. Thirdly, fly the drone in open spaces only and do not let it out of your sight. If you take of these issues, you will have an excellent flight all the time.

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