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Best Drone for 14 Year Old Boy

Contixo F30

Contixo F30 Drone Review

Affordable quadcopters such as Contixo F30 keep getting better with time. For instance, this one is feature-rich with things such as 4K UHD camera, long battery time of 32 minutes from two batteries, an incredibly sleek and stylish design and many others.

In addition to the features that we shall look at later in deeper detail, this drone also has many flight functions. Therefore, you will have fun flying it whether it is your first or umpteenth aircraft.

However, as much as the F30 comes with many features and flight functions, there are also some downsides. For instance, you can only adjust the angle of the camera manually, meaning you have to bring the drone home first. For such a price, a remotely adjustable angle would have been much better.

Another thing that could be improved although it is definitely not a deal breaker is that this drone is too small. Actually, it is smaller than what you will see in the pictures.

Keep reading to see the features, specs, flight functions and many other things in detail.
Contixo F30
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