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Contixo F30 Drone Review

Contixo F30

Affordable quadcopters such as Contixo F30 keep getting better with time. For instance, this one is feature-rich with things such as 4K UHD camera, long battery time of 32 minutes from two batteries, an incredibly sleek and stylish design and many others.

In addition to the features that we shall look at later in deeper detail, this drone also has many flight functions. Therefore, you will have fun flying it whether it is your first or umpteenth aircraft.

However, as much as the F30 comes with many features and flight functions, there are also some downsides. For instance, you can only adjust the angle of the camera manually, meaning you have to bring the drone home first. For such a price, a remotely adjustable angle would have been much better.

Another thing that could be improved although it is definitely not a deal breaker is that this drone is too small. Actually, it is smaller than what you will see in the pictures.

Keep reading to see the features, specs, flight functions and many other things in detail.
Contixo F30

Contixo F30 Features & Technical Details

We always like to start with design and the build quality of a drone. That way, we can explore the physical features of an aircraft, just to see whether it meets the industry standards.

Design and Build Quality

By design, this is a foldable toy-class quadcopter. Even while it is unfolded, this is a small aircraft. Therefore, when you fold it, it becomes even smaller. When you fold it, it measures 5.6 by 2.9 by 2.0 inches. That is quite small, and it can even fit in your pant or jacket pocket.

The drone comes with brushless motors. Therefore, they do not overheat and they have a long lifespan. On the same note, such motors require minimal care and maintenance as compared to their brushed counterparts.

The weight of the drone is 5g shy of the threshold for registering with the FAA. It weighs 245g only. Therefore, you do not need to register it before you fly it since it is not over 250g.

The durability of this drone is assured because it has been designed with ABS plastic material for the fuselage. Therefore, it will not rip open if it drops or crashes.

Camera Quality

Today, we buy drones so that we can have aerial cameras. In this case, this one comes with a 4K UHD camera. Now, many toy-class quadcopters claim to have 4K cameras, but the resolution always falls short.

However, the Contixo F30 comes with a real 4K UHD camera. It can take videos and photos with a resolution of 3840*2160. On the same note, you will only get such high resolution if you store your footage in an SD card. In the same line, the drone supports SD card usage.

You will also love the fact that the seller includes a 32GB SD card in the package. Therefore, you can start getting your aerial footage straightaway.

The F30 is also FPV enabled. First person view means that you will be able to see what the drone can see as it flies. For that, you will need to use a smartphone holder on the remote controller. You will also need to download the right app.

On the same note, we might mention that the FPV range is about 300 meters.

Contixo F30 4K UltraHDBattery and Flight Time

This drone comes with two 7.6V 1500mAh batteries. Each one is capable of giving you 16 minutes of flight time. Collectively, you can get 30 minutes or thereabouts. Since these are modular batteries, they charge out of the drone. Therefore, you can use one while the other charges.

On the same note, a charging dock is provided in the package. Therefore, you can actually charge two batteries together. In addition, the charging time is 150 minutes, which honestly is not too bad. In addition, you can also order another battery from the seller so that you have three of them.

Remote Controller

The 2.4GHz remote controller is pretty impressive. For instance, it comes with a small LCD screen that displays the height of the drone, the remaining battery voltage and the flight range. Therefore, you can always glance at the display and get the real-time stats of the drone.

In addition, the remote controller also has a smartphone holder so that you can catch your FPV experience. It can fit most modern smartphones. On the same note, there are keys for different functions that this drone has been equipped with.

The remote controller uses 2 AA batteries. However, these are not included in the package. Therefore, you have to buy them separately.

Without going into the details of the function of each key on the transmitter, we can say that this remote has great quality overall. In addition, the weight is quite good.

Flight Functions

This drone comes with many flight functions. They make it easy to fly even for first-timers. In addition, they give you a way to fly the quadcopter in hands-free mode. Keep reading to see a few of them.

GPS/GLONASS Connectivity

Your F30 will connect to the GPS module in your smartphone.

In addition, with dual GPS and GLONASS connectivity, you get to enjoy many GPS enabled functions. On the same note, GLONASS is just an alternative connectivity option to GPS. Therefore, a quad that is enabled for both is better than one enabled for GPS alone.

Waypoint Mode

In this mode, you can plan your drone flight route just the way that you want it. Therefore, just open the map interface on the app, make dots along the route you would like the aircraft to follow. You can then connect the dots with a line and there, you have your flight route.

Point of Interest

Have you spotted a monument that would make good footage for your YouTube video? Just set this Contixo quadcopter on point of interest. Therefore, it will fly around that monument taking footage from all angles.

Fail-safe Features

When the drone flies out of connectivity range, it will turn back and come home automatically. In addition, if it loses battery power, it will turn back and come home automatically. Of course, if you want it to come home, you can always punch the return-to-home key. The return to home function is courtesy of the GPS/GLONASS connectivity.

Altitude Hold

When the aircraft is flying at a certain height and you want to stop it mid-air, just engage the altitude hold mode. It will hover accurately in mid air. This function can help you take footage from the air. In addition, it is a lot of fun.

Also, do not forget that this function works hand-in-hand with the integrated optical flow function. Together, you will have the most precise hovering from the drone.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

When you release the throttle mid-flight, the drone stops immediately to hover. In addition, it is so stable when hovering such that you can take distortion-free footage.

I must say that I was so surprised at just how small the quadcopter really is. I mean, I thought it was small from the pictures, but in real life, it is much smaller. However, it is an incredible performer and carrying it is no problem at all.

The manufacturer was thoughtful enough to include a high quality carry case and a 32GB TF card. In addition, the Contixo F30 comes ready to use. Just calibrate it and fly it.

As a regular drone user, I can say that the F30 beats many in its class and price range. It comes with extras such as two batteries, charging dock and a free SD card.

I would buy this all over again. However, beware of flying it in the wind because it is so light in weight. Therefore, it will be very unstable.

Contixo F30 GPS Auto Return Home

Contixo F30 Pros

  • Comes with a nice carry case
  • The charging dock is a good addition
  • Brushless motors
  • Folds with everything intact including the blades
  • Has a long control range for the controller at 3000 feet
  • Has been equipped with slow and fast speed modes
  • Good camera resolution

Contixo F30 Cons

  • So small and light in weight
  • Manual vertical adjusting for the camera

Who Should Buy The Contixo F30?

Anyone who fancies a high performance toy-class drone should try the F30. It seems as if it was thoughtfully put together with everything that you need to make your first flight experience unforgettable. As they say, it is pretty much a plug-n-play scenario for this small drone.

Conclusion and Recommendation

It is always very tempting to take the first flight right out of the box. However, bear these few recommendations in mind first:

  • No wind, even the lowest velocity wind can make your Contixo F30 fly away
  • Start on the slow speed setting and try the fast one later
  • Choose a wide open space to fly it. You don’t want your drone to crash into trees and buildings
  • The flight range is long but do not get her out of your sight

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