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Cons of Cheerwing W1PRO

Cheerwing W1PRO

Cheerwing W1PRO Drone Review

Cheerwing (the company) is a true one-stop center for RC drones, RC vehicles, RC boats and other toy enthusiasts. For some time now, they have been making affordable but high quality remote controlled toys. As you will see when you get your Cheerwing W1PRO drone, there is everything to cheer about this drone.

They also make spare parts for their products. In case you break a blade or two on your W1PRO, you can always be sure that your quadcopter will not be grounded.

So much about the company … what about this particular drone, the W1PRO? The price is not too bad, it has brushless motors, it is sleek and stylish in design and it really does fly well. This drone gives good value for money. Keep reading to see the features, the technical details, flight functions and some user feedback about the drone.
Cheerwing W1PRO
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