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Cheerwing W1PRO Drone Review

Cheerwing W1PRO

Cheerwing (the company) is a true one-stop center for RC drones, RC vehicles, RC boats and other toy enthusiasts. For some time now, they have been making affordable but high quality remote controlled toys. As you will see when you get your Cheerwing W1PRO drone, there is everything to cheer about this drone.

They also make spare parts for their products. In case you break a blade or two on your W1PRO, you can always be sure that your quadcopter will not be grounded.

So much about the company … what about this particular drone, the W1PRO? The price is not too bad, it has brushless motors, it is sleek and stylish in design and it really does fly well. This drone gives good value for money. Keep reading to see the features, the technical details, flight functions and some user feedback about the drone.
Cheerwing W1PRO

Cheerwing W1PRO Features & Technical Details

In this section, we will look at the technical features, the size, weight and other design factors of the W1PRO drone.

Design and build quality

Let us start with the size of the drone. It is just perfect for traveling with at 11.6 by 11.6 by 2.4 inches. This size will increase when you attach the propeller guards. Please note that this is not a foldable drone.

The weight of the drone including the batteries is 250g. You will most probably have to register it with the FAA if you are in the US.

This drone owes its powerful performance to the 1815-2400KV brushless motors. They are powerful, require minimal to no maintenance and they run quietly. You can fly this drone for an hour (if you get spare batteries) and the motors will not get hot.

The white color and the gray touches make the Cheerwing W1PRO drone look very stylish. It never fails to impress especially if you want to give it as a gift.

Dual cameras

Your drone is equipped with two cameras. The first one is the nose camera that captures video footage at a resolution of 1080P. The second one is the bottom 720P camera. The essence of having two cameras is that you can switch intermittently between them to catch what is going on under and ahead of the drone. You can be sure of catching the widest view and you will not miss even a single aerial moment.

Batteries and flight time

When you buy this drone, you will get two batteries. Both are 7.4V 1800mAh Lithium ion batteries. Each is going to give you a flight time of between 15 and 18 minutes. You can also check whether you can get more spare batteries to make your flight time even longer.

The charging time is 200 minutes. The batteries are safe to handle even for kids. They have strong casing, have no wires sticking out and most importantly, they are easy to remove and insert.

Remote controller

The remote controller is nice, sleek and it has responsive keys, sticks and buttons. You get the option to fly the drone with the remote controller or with the app, whichever you find more applicable. To launch the drone, you need to place it on level ground and then press the power button on the controller and on the drone.

The included smartphone holder will accommodate smartphones of different sizes. It is quite secure, so there is no fear of your phone falling off.

The remote controller uses 4 AA batteries. You have to buy them separately.

Flight features and functions

The Cheerwing W1PRO drone has many automated flight functions. That makes it a good drone for beginners. However, even the advanced users are going to find it pretty exciting to fly. Let’s look at some of its flight functions:

GPS Positioning

This is a marvelous function to have in any drone. It keeps the drone stable so that you can capture distortion-free video and photo footage. It also ensures that the drone comes back home when it loses signal or when the battery drains.

Gesture control

This is a nice fun feature. With it, you can get your drone to take selfie shots by using palm control. The drone will hover at a good height and distance and when you lift your palm up, it starts capturing video and taking selfie shots, which you can of course monitor on your smartphone.

Follow Me Mode

Get the W1PRO to follow you wherever you go, matching your speed whether you move slowly or fast. The drone will follow you when it is in GPS mode. If you hike, bike or run, you can get the drone to follow you and capture your footage in action.

One key take off and landing

With a press of this key, the drone can either take off or land. It will rise vertically to a certain height and hover there waiting for your next move.

Custom flight route

The drone has trajectory flight, waypoint flight and circle flight. All of them enable you to fly your drone handsfree. Just open the SYMA app and on the map, draw the flight route that you would like the drone to follow. You can also pinpoint the object that you want the drone to circle.

Emergency stop key

Sometimes, your drone may come across an unexpected obstacle in tits flight path. This is why many drones come with the emergency stop function. Press the stop key and the drone stops immediately. That way, you avoid a possible collision/crash.

Cheerwing W1PRO GPS Positioning

Short summary of feedback from existing owners

I wanted a perfect gift for my husband and I thought this drone would make it. I have seen that it is a performer and I think he will love it. Selina T.

I wanted a drone from a more popular brand but the dual camera feature caught my eye and I thought I would try this one out. I am quite impressed with the flight time, video quality and other functions. Hyeung L.

I feel that two high capacity batteries, two cameras and many flight functions in the package are hard to beat. I am glad I bought this drone. Moor S.

I ordered two extra batteries – that makes them four. One weekend, I flew through all the three batteries and the motor did not overheat. Jon Snow

The only thing they overlooked is a carry bag. However, I ordered one online to help me pack this drone in my backpack when I am traveling. Tom B.

Pros of Cheerwing W1PRO

  • Brushless motors make it easy to fly long without overheating
  • The two batteries offer good flight time of close to 30 minutes
  • Good remote control distance of 250 meters
  • Long app control distance of 200 meters
  • Two cameras give you an unobstructed view of what is happening ahead and below the drone
  • Nice drone for kids and adult beginners
  • Sleek design makes it very appealing

Cons of Cheerwing W1PRO

  • The drone does not come with a carry bag
  • Flying the drone manually is a bit hard

Cheerwing W1PRO Gesture Control

Who should buy the Cheerwing W1PRO Drone?

For a drone costing less than $200, you will get good value for the money. Once you get to fly this drone, you will agree that it is the real deal. The performance of the brushless motors even when taking a windy flight is just so good. If you are looking for a perfect gift for someone dear to you, get this one. It leaves a lasting impression. You can also use the W1PRO to gift your kids on their special day. You may also buy this drone to be your family aerial camera. It takes good video and photos.

Conclusion and recommendation

When you get the Cheerwing W1PRO, you should take some precautions to enjoy the first flight. First, fly it in clear spaces. The remote controller distance is 250 meters, so find an open field that is bigger than that. Even though the brushless motors are powerful, it does not perform very well in the wind, so fly it in calm weather. Also, the drone performs better when you fly it automatically than when you do it manually.

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