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CSJ X4 Drone Gesture photography and videos


CSJ X4 Drone Review

The CSJ X4 drone is available in three options or should we say with three camera choices.

First, there is the 2MP camera, secondly, we have the 4K camera and lastly, there is the 1080P. The 2MP is the cheapest one while the 4K one is costlier but even then, it still costs well under a hundred bucks.

By design, this slim quadcopter looks like the Parrot Anafi drone, which we reviewed earlier. This is further supported by the panoramic camera that can capture shots from incredible angles, which may be hard to do with other quadcopters.

It is also sold with its carry bag and its body folds down nicely so that you can have an easier time traveling with it.

As good as this cheap quad looks; there are a few things to mind. One of them is that the camera angle cannot be adjusted from the remote controller. Beats logic why you would include a panoramic camera yet not make it possible to adjust on the transmitter.

But it is what it is. Keep reading to see more features and its flight functions.

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