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CSJ X4 Drone Review


The CSJ X4 drone is available in three options or should we say with three camera choices.

First, there is the 2MP camera, secondly, we have the 4K camera and lastly, there is the 1080P. The 2MP is the cheapest one while the 4K one is costlier but even then, it still costs well under a hundred bucks.

By design, this slim quadcopter looks like the Parrot Anafi drone, which we reviewed earlier. This is further supported by the panoramic camera that can capture shots from incredible angles, which may be hard to do with other quadcopters.

It is also sold with its carry bag and its body folds down nicely so that you can have an easier time traveling with it.

As good as this cheap quad looks; there are a few things to mind. One of them is that the camera angle cannot be adjusted from the remote controller. Beats logic why you would include a panoramic camera yet not make it possible to adjust on the transmitter.

But it is what it is. Keep reading to see more features and its flight functions.


CSJ X4 Features and Technical Details

This is a toy-class drone, as you can no doubt tell from the price. Even then, there are still some good things to say about it.

Design and build quality

If you were to summarize the design and build quality of this quad in one would, you could call it outstanding. It is slender in design and light in weight. The propeller arms fold nicely alongside the body leaving the drone small and compact for packing and traveling.
When it is folded, it measures 7.5 by 2.6 by 1.6 inches.  When it is unfolded, it measures 9.8 by 7.9 by 1.6 inches. The take off weight is 175g. Therefore, you need not register it with the FAA if you are in North America since it is way below the required registration threshold of 250g.

The material used to make the hull of the X4 is made of gray ABS material. The electronic parts are safe because this plastic type does not tear or crack easily.

The motors are brushed, which are not really too bad for a toy drone. Therefore, the drone might sound a bit noisy when in flight, but it is hardly noticeable. Besides, today’s brushed motors are almost as good as their brushless counterparts because they last a long time. They offer excellent performance.

Camera Quality

This is a dual camera drone that comes with a 4K camera on the nose and a 1080P camera on the belly. The nose camera captures 2K HD videos (2048 by 1440P) and 4K HD photos (4096 by 2160). However, should you decide to get the X4 with the other two versions of camera, that is, the 720 and 1080P one, you will have the following resolutions:

  • With the 720P camera, the video resolution is 1280 by 720 and photo resolution is 1280 by 720
  • With the 1080P camera, the video resolution is 1920 by 1080P and the photo resolution is 1920 by 1080P.

The camera footage is stable and distortion-free thanks to the drone’s 6-axis gyro for stability. Such a gyro is required to keep the quad stable even when you fly it at an angle.

This camera has a 180° field of view, which means it can capture shots from many angles.

The quad is also FPV-enabled and the real-time image transmission distance is 80 meters. Transmission is over 5G WiFi with low latency, so you are able to view what your drone can see without any issues.

The only problem with the camera is that you can only adjust the angle of the nose camera manually, which means you have to bring the drone home first.

Battery and Flight Time

This quad comes with a 3.7V 1600mAh Lipo battery. It is safe to handle even for children, as there are no cables hanging outside. Besides, the battery gives the user a flight time of 15 minutes, which is quite impressive.

The charging time for the battery is 100 to 130 minutes. This is actually not bad at all for 15 minutes. If it is possible to order a second and third battery for longer flight time, do it.

Only use the charging cable that comes with the drone for fast charging and to avoid damaging the battery. Since the battery charges outside the quad, you can use a spare one if you get it while one charges.

Thanks to the modular design of this battery, you can store it safely. It is also easy to remove and insert into the drone. It is recommended to always remove the battery when you will not be using the drone for some time.

Remote Controller

One of the best ways to have fun with a drone is to know how it works. You can only know this by understanding how different keys on the transmitter work and what they do. Thankfully, transmitters are easy to use. They are also simple in design and this one is not any different.

Just to give you a quick scheme of how the remote controller works, the power button is in the middle, the left joystick is the throttle while the right one is for direction control.

On the upper left and right, there are two keys. The left one is for trimming the drone towards the left while the right one is for trimming to the right.

There are also buttons for one key take off and one key landing, photo/video, headless mode, one key return and emergency stop. You can also control the speed of the quadcopter from the remote controller.

The transmitter uses 3 AA batteries, which you have to buy separately. It also has a foldable smartphone holder.

Flight Functions

As a beginner quadcopter, it is easy to fly, thanks to the number of automated functions that we will discuss here:

Headless Mode

You don’t need to worry about the direction that the nose of the drone faces. Just engage headless mode and the quad will orient itself to the position of the pilot.

Gravity Induction

This is more like a fun feature that you can only use with the app. When you rotate your smartphone to the left, the drone goes to the left and so on.

One key take off and landing

There is a key for take off and a second one for landing. You don’t need to figure out how anything works. Just insert the battery, calibrate the drone and punch the one key take off and the drone will rise vertically.

Gesture photography and videos

This smat quad will start taking your photos when you show it the victory sign. If you show it the fist sign, it will start taking videos and when you show it the palm, it will follow you.

Intelligent Following

You can get the CSJ X4 to follow you when you want it to follow you recording your footage when you are outdoors on adventure. Just engage the follow me mode and she will keep after you at a decent distance all the time.

CSJ X4 Gesture Controlled

Optical flow positioning

Get your quad to hover precisely and take footage correctly. This function lets you know where your bird is all the time. It also enables the drone to land precisely where it is supposed to as well as lock to the set height.

One Click Return

With this function, you can bring your quad home right where it flew from. This is a safety function for when the battery runs low.

Trajectory Flight

This function will enable you to plan a flight route for your X4. Just open the map on the app to make this route and when you launch the drone, it will follow that path capturing footage.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

The only regret that I have is that I have not found a spare battery to buy. Otherwise, everything else works as advertised by the manufacturer. Ray L.

This small, toy-class drone matches the price at which it is sold. I think the features are quite awesome for this kind of drone. I would encourage beginners to get it for their introduction into the drone world. Ken N.

CSJ X4 Pros

  • The battery flight time is decent at 15 minutes
  • Enjoyable smartphone controlled flight
  • Speed control is available for beginners
  • Sleek design and high quality build
  • The brushed motors are powerful
  • Panoramic camera with widest angle of view at 180°
  • Nice remote control

CSJ X4 Cons

  • Camera angle can only be adjusted manually
  • Spare batteries may not be available

CSJ X4 Size

Who Should Buy The CSJ X4 Drone?

Anyone, meaning beginners as well as advanced pilots can get this quadcopter. For the beginners, the long flight time, the availability of flight functions, the speed control and the low price will win them over. For the more experienced users, it is all about the price mostly, and perhaps the camera. Frankly though, most experienced users prefer something a bit more advanced such as the JJRC X9PS Heron.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The CSJ X4 is a small drone. However, it gives excellent performance especially when there is no wind. Therefore, choose a calm day to fly it.

Read the user manual to find out how to operate the quad. Even if you are experienced at flying UAVs, there is always something new to learn about one that you have not flown before.

The camera is decent but not stunning. You can use the camera for family photos and videos, or for recording your outdoor adventures.


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