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Drone with Two Cameras


SGOTA RC Drone Review

The more time passes the better the drone get and the more the features that they come with. And dare we say, the prices get even better! The SGOTA RC drone is one of the most affordable drones. While affordable is relative, when you see and experience its features, you agree that the price is quite a steal.

Take, for example, the dual camera feature. This gives you the ability to see more than you would with a single nose camera. Of course, it helps more when you are enjoying an FPV experience since you can switch cameras and catch more of the action happening ahead and under the drone.

For a person that is always on the move, you can have this drone. It is foldable, light in weight and is designed to withstand the rigors of traveling or even everyday use. Keep reading, as we look at its features and technical details in a wider perspective.
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