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Eachine E110 Pros

Eachine E110

Eachine E110 Review

The Eachine E110 looks like a military chopper. This is not a strange look at all, because there are many miniature helicopter drones. They look like choppers in almost every way only that they are too small to load passengers.

If you are fascinated with flying, do not go for a regular looking drone, when you can have an RC helicopter. Eachine will meet your needs.

They have been making RC airplanes, RC helicopters, racing drones, RC cars and even RC boats for some time. If you love powered toys, this is your one stop center for the aforementioned and more products.

Back to the drone of the day, the Eachine E110 Sentry Mini Spy RC Helicopter Flight has some good things going for them, well, above the nice looks. First, it is affordable. Secondly, it flies really great thanks to the one rotor design.

Since this is a Spy RC helicopter, it is super silent so you can spook your friends (well, don’t do it!) by creeping it up on them.

You also get the choice of buying this drone with one, two or three batteries for more flight time. The only thing to be wary of is the camera quality because it is not that great.

Eachine E110
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