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Eachine E110 Review

Eachine E110

The Eachine E110 looks like a military chopper. This is not a strange look at all, because there are many miniature helicopter drones. They look like choppers in almost every way only that they are too small to load passengers.

If you are fascinated with flying, do not go for a regular looking drone, when you can have an RC helicopter. Eachine will meet your needs.

They have been making RC airplanes, RC helicopters, racing drones, RC cars and even RC boats for some time. If you love powered toys, this is your one stop center for the aforementioned and more products.

Back to the drone of the day, the Eachine E110 Sentry Mini Spy RC Helicopter Flight has some good things going for them, well, above the nice looks. First, it is affordable. Secondly, it flies really great thanks to the one rotor design.

Since this is a Spy RC helicopter, it is super silent so you can spook your friends (well, don’t do it!) by creeping it up on them.

You also get the choice of buying this drone with one, two or three batteries for more flight time. The only thing to be wary of is the camera quality because it is not that great.

Eachine E110

Eachine E110 Sentry Mini RC Features & Technical Details

You cannot buy a drone based on looks alone. You need to know the features that you are buying into, the batteries and flight time, as well as the means to control the aircraft when it is in the air. Here are some features:

Design and build quality

At only 75 grams of weight, you will not need to register it with the FAA before you can fly it. It is a toy drone to get you started in the drone hobby, but it still does good things and for its size, it flies powerfully enough.

It is designed like a military helicopter with one rotor design and another one in the back (tail). This has its benefits, one of them being the high wind resistance.

This does not mean that you should take it out in any sort of wind velocity. It is too light in weight and it can fly away easily.

You will be able to fly this mini drone in winds of speeds of up to 15 knots. Even a gust of 20 knots speed is not going to blow the aircraft away. It can also perform well in light rain but do not expose it to too much weather.

The build quality of this aircraft is good. While it has no obstacle avoidance, it is sturdy and it will not rip open if there is a minimal crash. Just do take good care of it.

Because of its design, you will notice a number of screws on the body that keep everything together. You will not have to unscrew anything when inserting or removing the battery.

Camera Quality

This drone comes with a 720P resolution nose camera. While this is not the greatest resolution, you will get a good start in the world of aerial photography.

You also get a good FPV experience from the drone, using your smartphone and after downloading the required app.

You can adjust the vertical angle of the camera remotely by up to 90 degrees. This is going to enable you to find the best view so that you can capture decent shots.

You will get a wide field of view. However, there is no gimbal or EIS built-in to the drone. If there is any air movement, your footage is going to appear distorted.

The FPV transmission distance is 80 to 100 meters.

Battery and flight time

You can get this drone with one, two or three batteries. The battery is a 3.7V 580mAh, no doubt a low capacity battery but it has its benefits. For instance, the charging time is 60 minutes only.

You will get a flight time of 15 minutes from one battery, so if you get three batteries, you are going to get 45 minutes of flight time. Inserting or removing the battery is so simple since it slides easily into place.

Besides, this intelligent battery has four LED lights that show you how much voltage is remaining. With built-in overcharge protection, the battery is protected from damage even when left charging too long.

By design, these are modular batteries, so they charge outside the drone. You can charge one while you fly the drone with the others.

The two-battery package is the most popular one, with 30 minutes of flight time.

Eachine E110 Battery

Remote controller

There are two types of remote controllers – one is for left handed people while the one is for right handed people. The throttle is on the left or right hand side. The remote control range is 120 meters, which is good because it means the drone will always be within your sight.

Apart from doing things such as setting trajectory flight, you can do a good number of things with the remote controller. You can even control the speed of the drone from the remote controller.

Flight Functions

The Eachine E110 has several flight modes to make it easier to fly for all people. It is even simple to fly for a beginner. Here are some of the flight modes:

Barometer flight

This is more like optical flow positioning where the flight height of the drone is predefined. This makes it possible to fly the drone indoors and outdoors easily. This also enables the drone to hover steadily, which helps to take nice footage.

Altitude hold mode

In this mode, the drone maintains a constant flight height so that you only have to worry about the horizontal flight.

Waypoint mode

In this mode, which you can access on the app, you are going to draw the route that you would like the drone to follow when you launch it. Tap several places on the map and then join them by drawing a line with your finger. The drone will fly along that route.

Automatic return

If the drone loses signal or the battery runs low, it is going to return and come back home. This is a safety function but better yet, the drone has a short distance flight range so you will always see where it is.

Speed modes

You can fly this quadcopter in slow, medium or high-speed mode. Start on the low speed to learn how it handles during flight and then you can try the higher speeds later.

One key takeoff and landing

This is the magical key that removes the guesswork from the picture – just hit the key when you can’t figure out how to fly the drone. It will take off and hover at a height awaiting your next move.

Testimonials by Current Owners of the Eachine E110 Drone

This is a nice little flier, but it has a lot of latency. From when you enter a command to when the drone obeys it, it seems to take too long sometimes. James Kelly.

The flight performance seems really good, but I am yet to fly the drone in the wind so I haven’t tested whether it has any wind resistance as advertised. Simon Holiday.

The price is low enough, the camera could be better though. In this age, 720P is too low and it cannot make decent footage. Alek Nadim.

Eachine E110 Size
Eachine E110 Size

Eachine E110 Pros

  • Available with one, two or three batteries
  • It has low battery return to home
  • Wind resistance function is a good addition
  • The unique design is eye-catching
  • Good and simple enough for beginner pilots
  • Impressive battery life and short charging time
  • It can fly forward/backward/left/right or rotate left/right

Eachine E110 Cons

  • The camera quality could be better
  • Too light in weight – advertised wind resistance might not be true

Who Should Buy the Eachine E110 Sentry Mini Drone?

This is a small and lightweight drone with minimal flight functions. Thus, it is best for first-time pilots who want to get into the hobby. Sooner, you will need to upgrade to a bigger drone with better camera resolution.

If you have some experience flying quadcopters, it is best to skip this one and get something bigger, with a more advanced camera. If you would like to gift someone with a toy drone, this is cheap but impressive because of the design.

Conclusion and Recommendation

You will have to check the user manual for instructions on how to download the app. Remember to check the instructions for calibrating the aircraft.

Do not fly the Eachine E110 Mini drone in places with obstacles as it can crash easily. This is just a toy drone, so you cannot even use it to take decent photo and video footage.

To get good value for money, choose the package with two or three batteries. They charge fast and they are easy to install in the drone.

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