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Holy Stone HS510 Pros

Holy Stone HS510 Review

Does Holy Stone make good drones? This is a frequently asked question on the web. Well, you can only look at it drone by drone, as we are going to do in this Holy Stone HS510 review.

With a weight of 245g only, this quad is easy to carry around, even on your person. To make it even easier to carry with you, it is foldable! You can toss it into your jacket pocket and you will not feel it.

Other things that make this quadcopter worth buying include the long flight range, the long battery life, nice camera and a good handful of flight functions.

In the industry, quality has become synonymous with Holy Stone drones. You can check our past reviews on HS720, HS165 and Holy Stone HS700 to name but just a few of them and you will see their excellent quality.

While this brand name makes some nice specimens, there is a flipside to the HS510. One of the bad sides to this drone is that you cannot control the camera angle from the remote controller. If you want to adjust the view, you have to bring the quad home and do it manually.

For such a great looking and powerful drone, we feel that this is an injustice.

There have been some complaints about some users losing their SD cards when the drone is in flight. Therefore, you might want to check whether that happens with all HS510s or it could be a problem with a few.

Holy Stone HS510
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