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HS160 Pro Technical Details

Holy Stone HS160 Pro

Holy Stone HS160 Pro Review

Just how much can you achieve in 5 years, in a very competitive industry? Quite a lot it seems, if the Holy Stone HS160 Pro and other incredible HS drones are anything to go by. Established in 2014, this company has been making stunning drones of all sizes, styles and classes.

You can definitely recall the Holy Stone HS165 that we reviewed sometimes back. You may also remember the stunning Holy Stone HS700 Drone. These are just a few of the incredible products made by HS. As they say on their website, they help everyone who dreams of flying realize their dream.

In this short post, we will look at the features that make the HS160 Pro drone worth having. As usual, Holy Stone has not disappointed with this one. They have included features such as optical flow positioning, nice camera, wind resistance and many more.

Holy Stone HS160 Pro
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