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JJRC X19 Cons


JJRC X19 Drone Review

Some of the perks that you get with the JJRC X19 drone include 5G WiFi connectivity, dual camera (4K HD), remote controller with small screen panel in the middle and other features. Later on, we shall look at its main features in detail.

The price is not too bad. Besides, you also get to choose the package with one, two or three batteries. For longer flight time and more fun in the air, we recommend that you get the two or three-battery package. It will cost you slightly more, but it will be money well spent.

This drone comes in RTF (ready to fly) packaging. Thus, no assemblage is needed. You can fly it right out of the box, of course, after calibrating it. You can refer to the user manual to see how to calibrate it for flight.

Is there any downside to worry about? Not really. This is a well thought out product. The only catch is that if you don’t like it, you have to send photos and videos first to show that the product is undamaged. You also have to pay for the shipping back as well as the original shipping cost.

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