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KFPLAN KF616 Mini Flight Functions


KFPLAN KF616 Mini Review

In its description, the manufacturer says that the KFPLAN KF616 comes with a 6K HD camera.

However, that might not be entirely true because the photo resolution is 4096 by 2160 and the video resolution is 2048 by 1080P.

Once you get to see the other features that this drone comes with, you will overlook that small downside easily. For instance, it comes with an 8K infrared obstacle avoidance system. It can detect obstacles from above, below, left or right. This makes the KF616 one of the safest mini drones to buy and fly.

Whether you are an advanced or a beginner pilot, this quadcopter gives great value for money. You can get it as your first drone and you will never outgrow it because it has some very good features.

This mini quadcopter is available for shipping with one, two or three batteries. Even with three batteries, it is still not expensive at all. It costs about $60. It is best to buy it with three batteries for extra flight and fun time.

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