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KFPLAN KF616 Mini Review


In its description, the manufacturer says that the KFPLAN KF616 comes with a 6K HD camera.

However, that might not be entirely true because the photo resolution is 4096 by 2160 and the video resolution is 2048 by 1080P.

Once you get to see the other features that this drone comes with, you will overlook that small downside easily. For instance, it comes with an 8K infrared obstacle avoidance system. It can detect obstacles from above, below, left or right. This makes the KF616 one of the safest mini drones to buy and fly.

Whether you are an advanced or a beginner pilot, this quadcopter gives great value for money. You can get it as your first drone and you will never outgrow it because it has some very good features.

This mini quadcopter is available for shipping with one, two or three batteries. Even with three batteries, it is still not expensive at all. It costs about $60. It is best to buy it with three batteries for extra flight and fun time.


Here are more details about the features of the KF616 Mini quadcopter:

KFPLAN KF616 Mini Features & Technical Details

This is a dual camera mini drone. From the design to the choice of material, a lot of thought seems to have gone into making this aircraft. But first, let’s look at the design and build quality:

Design, Build Quality and Durability

The manufacturer has used high quality aviation plastic material for the fuselage.This contributes to the minimum takeoff weight of the aircraft, which is 100 grams. It is also very resilient, so it will not rip open if the aircraft crashes.

With such minimal weight, you won’t need to register the aircraft with the civil aviation authority of your country before you can fly it.

This is a foldable mini. It makes it such a joy for people who love to record their outdoor adventures on video. You won’t even need a bag to carry it. It is small enough to fit in the pockets of your jacket.

When you fold it, it measures 5.03 by 2.2 by 3.4 inches, which is quite small. It can fit in your pants pocket. The blades also fold because they come in the split design. This makes storage and transport for the drone ever so simple.

It is available in black or orange color. You can choose what tickles your fancy. Many people prefer the orange color for its visibility and ambitious look. If you plan to fly the mini in low light, it has two bright lights on either side of its head. They make it quite a remarkable sight when you fly it at night.

It is equipped with coreless brushed motors. One of the benefits of using such motors is that they draw less current, thus prolonging your battery voltage.

This mini also comes with a sizable storage bag that fits all of its accessories. It is a high quality bag too, with a good zipper for security.


This drone is equipped with two cameras and you can switch your view from the belly to the nose camera on the remote controller.

The nose camera has a wide panning angle at 120 degrees. Its vertical angle is also adjustable by up to 90 degrees so that you can get the best view possible.

This is a 4K camera and not a 6K as the manufacturer advertises. The nose camera has a photo resolution of 4096 by 2160P while the video resolution is 2160 by 1080P at 20FPS, so videos are basically 1080P.

You can also enjoy a superb first person view when you download the app. As long as your android device is using version 5.0 and newer or your iOS mobile is using version 9.0 and above, you are good to go.

The only regrettable thing is that the FPV distance is only 50 meters, short, but an impressive experience all the same.

Batteries and Flight Time

These are medium capacity batteries at 2000mAh. One is going to give you a maximum of 10 minutes flight time. This is short, but it is also okay for a mini drone with 100 meters of maximum flight range.

To enjoy a longer time flying the KF616 mini, buy it with three batteries because the cost will still be well under $100.

The batteries are safe, so they pose no risk of damage from overcharging. They also click tightly into the body of the drone, so there is no danger of falling out even if the quadcopter slants.

When you are keeping the drone in storage for a long time, remove the battery for its preservation.

Remote controller

This is a plain looking remote controller, without a built-in rechargeable battery or an LCD screen in the middle. However, it is light in weight and it comes with the keys for controlling different functions

There are two sticks, and the left one is the throttle for controlling the speed. The right stick is for trimming the drone to keep it flying in the right direction.

There are two clusters of keys on the left and on the right side of the remote controller. The cluster on the left side has keys for one key take off, one key landing, short-press headless mode, long-press one key return, short-press to take photos, long-press to shoot videos and obstacle avoidance key in the middle.

The second cluster of keys has the front trim, right trim, left trim, and emergency stop. As you can see, some keys serve different functions when you short-press or long-press them. Thus, to learn what every key does, you need to study the user manual carefully.

The remote controller has a control range of 100 meters, which is the overall flight range of the drone. It requires 3 AA batteries, which you have to buy separately.

Flight Functions

In this area, the manufacturer of the KFPLAN KF616 mini quadcopter has excelled. This aircraft comes with many flight functions. Some of them are as follows:

Altitude hold mode

This mode ensures that the drone flies at the same vertical height. You just have to worry about trimming the drone, and flying it forward.

Surround Flight

Engage surround flight when you want to take footage of a monument or an interesting object. As the aircraft flies around the monument, it takes photos and videos.

One key take off and landing

Launching a drone is always a confusing affair for beginner pilots. However, drones come equipped with one key for takeoff and another for landing. When you press the takeoff key, the quad rises and hovers at a given height to await your next move.

Infrared obstacle avoidance

Drones face the danger of crashing into people, trees and buildings. You should fly it in a large and open space to avoid this. However, with obstacle avoidance systems, you can fly it safely in your backyard.

Waypoint flight

Sometimes you want to preplan your flight so that you can fly the drone hands-free. Waypoint flight enables you to do this very well. Just draw a line on the map interface and the drone will follow that route.

Headless mode

Do not worry about aligning the drone in such a way that it faces the direction that you want it to fly. With headless mode engaged, the mini will align itself accordingly, even when the pilot changes his or her position.

Flight speed levels

This mini quadcopter has three speed levels. These are low, medium and high. Start on the low speed setting when you fly the mini the first time. When you see how it handles, try the faster speed settings.

Automatic return to home

If the battery gets low or if the signal is disrupted, the drone will turn back and come home. This is a safety feature so it will be impossible to lose it. Besides, the short flight range ensures you can see the mini all the time.

Beauty filter

When you take photos using this mini drone, you can filter and enhance them before you share them on social media. Surprise your friends!

KFPLAN KF616 Mini Obstacle Avoidance

KFPLAN KF616 Mini Pros

  • Affordable price even when you buy the full package
  • The 360-degree obstacle avoidance system is really good
  • Safe to fly even for inexperienced pilots
  • Good for gifting someone you love
  • Flies so smoothly thanks to the coreless motors
  • Double camera gives nice, interchangeable views
  • Sleek design and high quality material
  • The drone can do tumble-flight stunts

KFPLAN KF616 Mini Cons

  • Short flight time per battery
  • A bit complicated for beginners – requires some getting used to

Who Should Buy the KFPLAN KF616 Mini

This mini drone is good for beginners as well as pilots with experience. However, before you fly it, you need to study the user manual carefully because using the remote controller can be a bit confusing.

The three speed modes make the drone easy to fly for starters. Do not start at the high-speed setting. Rather, start with low speed and then hit the high speed when you gain some experience.

This drone is very safe. It is so hard to crash because of the obstacle avoidance system. It also has an emergency stop key as well as automatic return to home when the battery runs low.

Since the price is so affordable, you can buy a couple of them to give to the people you love on their special occasions. They will be impressed.

Conclusion and Recommendation

There are so many things to look forward to when you get the KFPLAN KF616 Mini drone. It flies well despite the short flight distance.

Read the user manual keenly especially to know how to operate the remote controller. Some keys on the controller serve two functions, and it can be confusing.

Remember to order the transmitter batteries from the store. Use the flight functions rather than flying the quad blindly with just the remote controller. Getting the app makes the flight more interesting, easier and feature-rich.

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