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KK13 Dragonfly Automatic Functions

KK13 Dragonfly

KK13 Dragonfly Review

Despite the KK13 Dragonfly drone having an excellent foldable design, durable build and coming with many features, some small flaws do water down its awesomeness.

The first flaw is in the camera. It has a jello effect. It also has a slight shakiness and therefore, to a practiced eye, the photos will appear distorted.

The second flaw is that this drone is unstable even in the lowest velocity winds. Once again, this will affect the quality of your footage.

Does this mean it is not a great drone?

Far from it! Never will you have a drone that is 100 percent perfect. Therefore, this Anafi drone lookalike comes highly recommended by many advanced pilots. You can live with the flaws that it comes with.

Keep reading for in the upcoming sections, we are going to outline the features of the quadcopter, the design and build quality, flight functions, the pros and cons.
KK13 Dragonfly
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