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le-Idea IDEA9 Technical Details

Le-idea IDEA9 Image

Le-idea IDEA9 Review

The le-Idea IDEA9 is a fantastic piece of work, with so many features. You can do many things with the drone, from taking awesome video and photo footage to flying smoothly without any hiccups. This is a big camouflaged drone, so it is very impressive even by the looks alone. It looks like something that you would use in a Desert Storm kind of thing. If you are looking for the best cheap drone for wind, you have it.

Good looks and good features make a perfect, or near perfect drone. Add to that the incredible price, about $200, and in some online marketplaces, it is even possible to find it at less than $200. Now that is a good deal for a camo drone that is huge, packs a flight time of 15 minutes, has FPV, takes 1080P video footage and many more. In this le-idea IDEA9 review, you will see all the features that you will get.

Le-idea IDEA9 Image

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