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Le-idea IDEA9 Review

Le-idea IDEA9 Image

The le-Idea IDEA9 is a fantastic piece of work, with so many features. You can do many things with the drone, from taking awesome video and photo footage to flying smoothly without any hiccups. This is a big camouflaged drone, so it is very impressive even by the looks alone. It looks like something that you would use in a Desert Storm kind of thing. If you are looking for the best cheap drone for wind, you have it.

Good looks and good features make a perfect, or near perfect drone. Add to that the incredible price, about $200, and in some online marketplaces, it is even possible to find it at less than $200. Now that is a good deal for a camo drone that is huge, packs a flight time of 15 minutes, has FPV, takes 1080P video footage and many more. In this le-idea IDEA9 review, you will see all the features that you will get.

Le-idea IDEA9 Image

le-Idea IDEA9 Features & Technical Details

This is a big drone. Physically, it measures 14.4 by 14.4 by 2.5 inches when it is unfolded. However, do not fret yet because it is still a manageable drone and you can carry it easily from place to place. It folds to a small and compact size of 3.3 by 3.3 by 2.5 inches.

120-degree FOV camera

You can enjoy shooting videos in FPV mode, and get to have a first person view just as if you were inside the drone.

The camera is able to capture 1280 by 1080 videos on SD card. However, if you have not mounted an SD card and you are using your smartphone to store your footage, the camera will capture 1280 by 720P video.

Please note that the drone does not come with an SD card. You will have to buy yours. The Wi-Fi signal range is 100 meters. The camera has a wide field of view at 120 degrees.

Beginners and advanced user settings

The drone is a good option for beginners as well as advanced pilots. It comes with three speed settings, which you can control from the app or from the controller.

Other features that you can find on the app or access on the controller include emergency stop in case the drone finds an obstacle in its path. Just press the emergency stop button and it will stop almost immediately.

Good safety features for all time

For the safety features, the le-idea IDEA9 comes with the emergency stop button that we have discussed above. It also comes with out of range alert and low battery alarm. That way, when the controller beeps, you can bring the drone in. The one key takeoff and landing feature is also good for beginners.

The standard features

Headless mode is also a good feature, as you do not have to worry about which direction the drone is facing. Just fly it. You may also use the maximum distance auto return feature such that the drone never gets out of range.

Follow me mode is pretty standard nowadays and the le-idea IDEA9 drone has it. You can use this feature to have the drone follow you taking footage. On the controller, you will find other features such as turn left, turn right, move forward, backward, right side and left side, as well as go up or down. These straightforward features make the drone quite easy to fly, even for a total newbie.

Waypoint mode

You will love the waypoint mode. This means you can draw the waypoint on the app and the drone will follow that. It is just a fun feature, but a very enjoyable one.

15 minutes of flight time

The 7.4V 1200mAh lithium polymer battery is going to give you a flight time of 15 minutes maximum. Coupled with a flight control distance of 200 meters on the controller, you can see that you will have a lot of fun with your drone.

Finally, this drone can fly very well in up to level six winds and that is what makes it the best cheap drone for wind. Any stronger than that and she may ride away with the wind. As you can see, there are many features to look forward to. It is a fun camera drone.

Le-idea IDEA9-wind-resistance

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I bought this drone for the flight time and the camo look, which I think makes it look quite aggressive. But then, I was in the army and did see a few tours of duty. Josh P

I flew this drone for the tenth time a week ago, looking for flaws. It’s my nature, it’s what I do, always looking for something wrong with things. This drone has done everything that the manufacturer says it can. Stan K.

For the 200 dollars that I paid for this drone, I feel it is a great investment for me. For the first time, I find the video and photo quality incredible for this price. I have flown this drone outdoors and I am impressed. Aiden W.

I love camo, I wear camo shorts and jackets all the time when I am hunting. This drone has impressed all of my boys with the looks. I can’t wait to see how much speed she can do. Frank S.

I bought this drone as a gift for my husband for his birthday and he fell in love with it the moment he first set his eyes on it. Since then, he cannot seem to get enough of it. Emma R.


Pros of le-Idea IDEA9

  • It is simple to use – many simple features for beginners
  • Good video quality
  • Many advanced features at a good price
  • Camouflage design is very impressive
  • It is foldable – small size when you want to travel with it
  • The Wi-Fi connect is fast – no failed connections with this drone
  • Impressive wind resistance
  • App is quite fluid as well with good updates from time to time
  • The 5GHz Wi-Fi transfers data very fast, but does not do longer range, which is ok

Cons of le-Idea IDEA9

  • Brushed motors make it slightly noisy
  • Flight time per battery could be longer
  • Charging time of 180 minutes is long

Le-idea IDEA9-Camera

Who Should Buy This le-Idea IDEA9?

Anyone that loves a good drone with advanced features but loathes the idea of spending several hundreds of dollars can buy this one. The le-Idea IDEA9 drone has so many features yet the price is so affordable. This is an aggressive-looking drone with features to match the looks. You can buy it without hesitation knowing that you are going to get the best value for your money, all the time.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Before you start flying the le-idea IDEA9 camo drone, learn everything you can about it in the user manual. That way, you will not make any goofs and you will have a jolly good time with it. Download the app to your smartphone, you will find it quite fluid and the Wi-Fi will not show you any failed connections. This can be a good drone for beginners, but if you can learn flying on something cheaper and then graduate to this one, you would enjoy the experience even more. It may be the best cheap drone for wind, but you still should avoid flying it in too strong winds.

Show me the price !

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