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Low Cost Drone With Large Range


4DRC F11 PRO Review

The 4DRC F11 drone has many things going for it. First, it has a long flight range, so if you do the full distance, it will certainly get out of sight. However, don’t worry about that because it has safety functions. With GPS positioning, you will always know where it is. It also has automatic return to home on battery down or signal loss.

Enabled with dual positioning capability, it hovers very well indoors and outdoors. This drone is equipped with optical flow positioning and GPS positioning. If you are buying the quadcopter for aerial photography, you will appreciate having these two functions because they enable stable hovering.

You can opt to get the F11 with one, two or three batteries at different prices. Many people want at least two batteries to increase their flight and fun time. If you want extended fun, get the three-battery package.

There is no doubt about the flying prowess of the aircraft. However, like many people, you might be disappointed in the fact that the drone does not have a three-axis gimbal, which might affect the quality of your footage.

Another thing that you might want to be aware of is that the user manual seems to be poorly translated to English.
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