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4DRC F11 PRO Review


The 4DRC F11 drone has many things going for it. First, it has a long flight range, so if you do the full distance, it will certainly get out of sight. However, don’t worry about that because it has safety functions. With GPS positioning, you will always know where it is. It also has automatic return to home on battery down or signal loss.

Enabled with dual positioning capability, it hovers very well indoors and outdoors. This drone is equipped with optical flow positioning and GPS positioning. If you are buying the quadcopter for aerial photography, you will appreciate having these two functions because they enable stable hovering.

You can opt to get the F11 with one, two or three batteries at different prices. Many people want at least two batteries to increase their flight and fun time. If you want extended fun, get the three-battery package.

There is no doubt about the flying prowess of the aircraft. However, like many people, you might be disappointed in the fact that the drone does not have a three-axis gimbal, which might affect the quality of your footage.

Another thing that you might want to be aware of is that the user manual seems to be poorly translated to English.

4DRC F11 PRO Features & Technical Specs

The only way you can know whether a drone will meet your needs is by looking at its features. This one packs a good number of them as follows:

Design, size and build quality

This drone is not foldable, so it might be a bit bulky to pack in your backpack when you are traveling. It measures 11.4 by 11.4 by 4.3 inches.

You will also notice that the landing gear is quite high because the camera is attached at the bottom of the drone.

The takeoff weight of this aircraft is more than 250 grams, so you have to register it with the FAA before you can fly it.

This aircraft comes with four high quality brushless motors. They not only give it a powerful flight performance but they also make the 8-level wind resistance function well. You can fly this aircraft in winds of up to 40 miles per hour and it will still handle very well.

The build quality of the F11 PRO is quite good. This drone won’t rip apart when it crashes into an obstacle. However, fly it in large open spaces all the time to avoid freak accidents.


This drone comes with a true 4K camera that can capture images in vivid colors and details. It also has a bottom camera that has a resolution of 1080P. You can switch between the two cameras easily from the remote controller to enjoy different views as the aircraft flies.

The camera is enabled with real-time image transmission and the FPV maximum range of 2000 meters is quite impressive. To do this, the drone can transmit over the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. The former is good for short distance transmission while the latter is good for long distance.

The nose camera gives you a wide field of view at 120 degrees. It also has an adjustable vertical angle, which you can adjust on the remote controller as the aircraft flies by up to 90 degrees.

As you will see later, this drone is equipped with other vital camera functions that make it a lot of fun to fly.

Batteries and Flight time

You can order the F11 PRO with one, two or even three batteries. These batteries are modular so they charge outside the body of the aircraft. They are also safe to handle, have overcharge protection and they are easy to insert and remove from the drone.

High capacity batteries (these ones are 7.4V 3000mAh Lipo) take a long time to charge, but not these ones.

Most people find the 250-minute charging time to be fair considering that you will get up to 30 minutes of flight time with one battery. With three batteries, you can get up to 90 minutes of flight time!

Charge the batteries with the charging cables that they ship with to avoid damaging them. Also, it is a good idea to remove the battery from the drone if you will be storing it for a long time.

Remote controller

The remote controller uses 4 1.5V AAA batteries, which do not come with the package so you have to buy them separately. To compliment the long flight drone batteries, an integrated rechargeable battery for the remote controller would have been better.

The remote controller also lacks a display screen so when flying the drone blindly, you will not be able to see its stats such as distance, height and remaining battery voltage. This is a downside actually because the remote controller supports a long flight range of up to 3000 meters.

The features of the remote controller include the smartphone holder, the steering rod on the right side and the throttle rod on the left side.

There is the camera for taking photos and videos, the GPS button, speed adjustment button, headless mode and one key return buttons.

You will also find the one click landing and takeoff button, the switch and the geomagnetic calibration button.

The 4DRC App

You can download the 4DRC app to connect to the drone WiFi and unlock many more functions for fun and flight.

Some of the things that you can unlock with the app include VR mode, trajectory flight, surround flight and palm control and many more.

On the app, you can get all the functions that the remote controller can do, well, apart from the calibration and on/off switch.

Flight functions

The 4DRC F11 PRO aircraft comes with a good number of flight functions that break the monotony of horizontal flights. Some of them are:

Gesture recognition

When you engage this function, the drone comes close, facing you. When it is within a distance of up to 3 meters, it can recognize your gestures. Show it the scissors sign so that it can start taking photos. For videos, show it the palm sign.

Surround flight

With surround flight, the aircraft goes around a subject or an object (such as a monument), keeping the set radius and capturing footage. This is also called circle flight.

GPS follow

Just press the GPS button on the remote controller and the drone will follow you wherever you go. It will keep taking photos and videos from a good distance. This function is very good for road trips or mountain biking.

Trajectory flight

Open the map on the app and make a few dots on the areas that you would like the aircraft to fly over.

You can then join the dots by drawing a line with your finger. The F11 PRO will follow that route when you launch it.

MV production and editing

MV production enables you to do many things but chief among them is that you can add music to your videos to make them livelier.

4DRC F11 PRO GPS Auto Return Home
You can also edit the videos and photos on-app and share them with your fans on social media immediately.

Summary of feedback from owners of the 4DRC F11 PRO

This drone flies well, the app unlocks many functions and the camera quality is not too bad. However, I suggest you watch a video or two to learn how to fly it because the user manual might not be very helpful. Aron McGrath.

The shipping time to Montreal in Canada was shorter than I expected. I have flown it just a couple of times and everything went very well. Robin Paris.

I have been using it to inspect some corners of my small rural farm and I am impressed with the results. Sometimes, I send it over the roof of our two-story house to help me see the condition of the roof and the gutters. John Creton.

I recommend this product if you are just getting into the drone hobby. It has some nice features and flight modes so you will not need to upgrade soon to a bigger one. Anette Zahra.

I think the price is very affordable especially considering the flight time of the batteries. I ordered mine with two batteries but they shipped it with one only. I have emailed them and I hope they rectify that mistake soon. Ian Glover.

4DRC F11 PRO Pros

  • The drone is equipped with headless mode
  • The high level wind resistance and brushless motors make it easy to control in bad weather
  • Long distance FPV over 5G WiFi
  • The app responds well over all mobile technologies
  • Long flight time of up to 30 minutes in one battery
  • Good safety and loss prevention features
  • Dual positioning function ensures stability when hovering

4DRC F11 PRO Cons

  • It does not support SD card usage
  • It does not have a foldable design and does not have a storage bag
  • Comes with one charging cable even when you order with multiple batteries

Who Should Get The 4DRC F11 Pro Drone?

This is a low budget but high quality quadcopter for people who would like to get their foot into aerial shooting. Even with the lack of a gimbal, the 4K camera still takes good footage. You can also buy this aircraft if you just want a simple aerial camera for home use. With gesture recognition enabled, you should be able to capture selfies and videos of your family to create lasting memories. If you have a farm, the long flight range of the drone can help you to inspect the far corners without going there.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The 4DRC F11 PRO gives good value for money. Whether you are a beginner or advanced drone hobbyist, you will find it quite useful and fun to fly.

There are few things to note though – It does not have a gimbal, so if you fly it in bad weather, the footage might have some distortion.

This quadcopter has so many functions. Read the user manual and watch a video or two to know how to use every function. The app unlocks more flight modes.

Lastly, use low speed at first and do not fly it too far away. After you know how to trim it, you can go full throttle.

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