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NEHEME NH330 Features


NEHEME NH330 Drone Review

Buying the first drone to learn how to fly is always a big decision. You do not know whether to go for a highly priced Potensic, DJI or Holy Stone, or to find the cheapest one in the market. Mostly, people want to start with something cheap and then after they cut their teeth in flying drones, they get a bigger one. If you are a beginner pilot or you want to get your kids started in the drone hobby, you might want to try the NEHEME NH 330 drone.

This is a small, actually, a nano drone. However, unlike many small drones that we review here, it does not come with a camera, which we think is a downside. In this age, everyone wants to get a footing in aerial photography. In any case, many mini drones, even some within this low price range come with cameras, albeit low-resolution ones.

Apart from that one downside, this pocket drone checks many boxes. Keep reading as we look at its features and technical details in the upcoming sections.
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