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Phantom 4 Mini Alternative

Wltoys XK X1

Wltoys XK X1 Drone Review

Drones seem to be getting better with time. In this Wltoys XK X1 GPS drone review, you will see why this should be your drone of choice in 2020.

The Wltoys XK X1 has the name of being a close clone of the Phantom 4 Mini Drone. But it doesn’t matter because even in the world of drones, we have trendsetters such as DJI, JJRC and others. This drone has good features such as the 2-axis gimbal. The work of this feature is to stabilize the camera against roll and pitch, therefore enabling you to take high quality footage all the time. Of course, 3-axis, or even 6-axis gimbal such as comes with is better, but this is what you get.

Wltoys XK X1
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