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Wltoys XK X1 Drone Review

Wltoys XK X1

Drones seem to be getting better with time. In this Wltoys XK X1 GPS drone review, you will see why this should be your drone of choice in 2020.

The Wltoys XK X1 has the name of being a close clone of the Phantom 4 Mini Drone. But it doesn’t matter because even in the world of drones, we have trendsetters such as DJI, JJRC and others. This drone has good features such as the 2-axis gimbal. The work of this feature is to stabilize the camera against roll and pitch, therefore enabling you to take high quality footage all the time. Of course, 3-axis, or even 6-axis gimbal such as comes with is better, but this is what you get.

Wltoys XK X1

Wltoys-XK-X1 Features & Technical Details

Even in the features department, this drone is quite impressive. With its white finishing, this drone looks a bit different from the gray and dark colors that we have been used to.

Design and build quality

This is not a foldable drone, and at this price, we hoped it would be. However, it has some other good things going for it. First, the build is quite sturdy, the landing gear is high and the exterior casing is made of high quality and resilient material. The camera is not on the nose. Rather it is suspended under the body to give it clear shot angles.

You will get 4 1806 brushless motors with this drone. They are super powerful, quiet and they can stay intact for a long time. The drone weighs 436g, so you should register it with the FAA before flying it.

This is a GPS drone and it should be easy to keep it from getting lost. It also flies fast at 30km/h. It might look a bit bland, but it is a performer once you get it flying.

Camera quality

This is a 1080P camera drone. It takes good videos and photos and the 2-axis gimbal keeps your footage distortion-free.  The photo resolution is the same as that of video. In calm weather, this drone is going to capture nice photos that can bring out the color in vivid detail.

Wltoys XK X1 GimbalYou will enjoy a good first person view experience over 5G Wi-Fi. You have to use a smartphone for this. The video transmission is quite clear and you should enjoy it a lot. You can enjoy real-time video transmission up to a range of 400/500 meters.

Battery and flight time

First, you have the option of buying this drone with one, two or three batteries. When you choose the package with two batteries, you are going to pay more, but it is worth it. The battery is a Li-po 7.6V 2200mAh. You can see it is a high capacity battery. You will get 20 minutes of flight time from one battery. If you would like to fly longer at a go, get a couple of extra batteries.

High capacity drone batteries take a long time to charge. The Wltoys XK X1 battery takes 180 minutes to charge. This is a well-built battery, safe in design and easy to remove and insert into the drone.

Remote controller

Same as the drone, the remote controller is also made of the same high quality material. It has responsive keys and buttons, and the joysticks move really well without feeling too sensitive. The remote controller is light in weight, and it will not cramp your wrists even if you play for the entire 20 minutes without ceasing.

The remote controller has functions for video, photos, GPS return and others.

The controller uses 4 1.5V AA batteries that you have to buy separately. The remote control distance is longer than 500 meters.

Flight features and Functions

The power and the joy of owning a drone is defined by the flight functions that it comes with. Here are some of the most important functions:

GPS Positioning

This function is very important for keeping the flight stable. It makes functions such as altitude hold and follow me mode effective. You can also enjoy stable hovering with the drone, all the time capturing high quality photos and videos. Coupled with the 2-axis coreless gimbal, this drone captures steady video footage.

90 Degree Pitch Adjustment

With this function, the drone rolls forward or backward as required. The nose pitches forwards a bit, or lifts up a bit. If you check the drone from the side as it pitches, you will see its nose tilted forward. You can adjust this up-down tilt by 90 degrees.

Intelligent Following

Intelligent following means that the drone is going to follow an object or a person without being controlled from the app or from the remote controller. If the drone is following you, your hands stay free so that you can do other things.

Headless Mode

With this mode engaged, you can make the drone fly in any direction without worrying too much about the direction that the nose faces. With headless mode, the drone will align itself to the position of the pilot.

Circumferential Flight

This function enables the Wltoys XK X1 drone to circle around a point of interest. It can take photos and video footage from different angles.

One key takeoff and landing

This is one of the most important keys in a drone. It makes launching the drone ever so easy. Once you punch this key, the drone either takes off or starts to land immediately.

Low Power Protection

When the battery runs low, the drone will turn and come back to the place you launched it from. You can also press the return to home button and the XK X1 will come back home immediately.

WayPoint Mode

Just open the app. On the map, mark dots along the route where you would like the drone to fly. Once you connect the dots by a line, launch the drone and it will follow that route. This is one of the hands-free, fun ways to fly this drone.

Wltoys XK X1 Return To Home

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

This drone supports micro SD cards. This is important to me because I take many video clips and so I need more space to store them. Jonathan W.

The only quarrel I have with this drone is that it is not foldable. However, everything else works very well. Camera quality is 1080P but it takes good  videos. Jack R.

If you are looking for a sturdy drone that you can learn to fly on without issues, get the XK X1. It is built like an ox and it has propeller blade protection. Joe K.

This is everyone’s drone, that is, unless you are looking for something bigger. It has a good camera, good build and good performance when flying. Dennis N.

The performance of the drone is good, and the price is not too bad. I haven’t unboxed this drone yet, but I think it is a keeper. Ralph A.

Wltoys XK X1 Pros

  • The brushless motors give a good performance
  • Drone supports MicroSD card
  • Good battery flight time at 20 minutes per battery
  • Drone is quite sturdy and resilient
  • Drone is easy to fly because it has many automated functions
  • Camera takes good video and photo quality
  • Flight range is longer than 500 meters

Wltoys XK X1 Cons

  • It is not foldable which makes it a bit hard to travel with especially as there is no carry bag

Wltoys XK X1 Brushless Motors

Who Should Buy The Wltoys XK X1 Drone?

Anyone who fancies a good, high quality drone can go for this one. Despite all the features and the flight functions, it still retails at an affordable price. Whether you are an experienced drone user or you are just starting out on this hobby, you should love this drone. It is built sturdily and it will not fall apart with the first crash. Again, the drone has two speed modes, so you can start on the low speed if you are a beginner and punch the high speed later.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Buying the Wltoys XK X1 drone is money well spent. However, to maintain good video and photo quality, use an SD card to store your footage. Read the user manual to understand how to use all the functions and features. For example, learn how to lower the gimbal to take shots from different angles.

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