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Potensic Dreamer Camera Quality

Potensic Dreamer

Potensic Dreamer Drone Review

If it is called “Dreamer” and it comes from the Potensic house, you expect it to be good, in fact, super good. We will find out whether this is true in this Potensic Dreamer drones review.

Before we go on with this review, I feel we should water the parade some, but just a little. This drone does not really capture 4K videos. Therefore, we wonder why the manufacturer would go ahead and give it the 4K label. It can only do videos at a resolution of 2688 * 1512P. Technically, this makes it a 2.7K drone. It cannot capture 4K videos.

At the same time, even at the high cost, this drone is still toy-class. Therefore, some people find the cost high, and for some, it is just fine. Whether you want to pay this money for a toy-class quadcopter is up to you.

Apart from those two small hiccups, it has an awesome flight performance, has many automatic flight functions and is quite sleek. Keep reading so that you can see the features and flight functions that the Dreamer comes with.

Potensic Dreamer
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