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Potensic Dreamer Drone Review

Potensic Dreamer

If it is called “Dreamer” and it comes from the Potensic house, you expect it to be good, in fact, super good. We will find out whether this is true in this Potensic Dreamer drones review.

Before we go on with this review, I feel we should water the parade some, but just a little. This drone does not really capture 4K videos. Therefore, we wonder why the manufacturer would go ahead and give it the 4K label. It can only do videos at a resolution of 2688 * 1512P. Technically, this makes it a 2.7K drone. It cannot capture 4K videos.

At the same time, even at the high cost, this drone is still toy-class. Therefore, some people find the cost high, and for some, it is just fine. Whether you want to pay this money for a toy-class quadcopter is up to you.

Apart from those two small hiccups, it has an awesome flight performance, has many automatic flight functions and is quite sleek. Keep reading so that you can see the features and flight functions that the Dreamer comes with.

Potensic Dreamer

Potensic Dreamer Features & Technical Details

When you get your package, ensure that it has the following items:

  • The Dreamer drone itself
  • 3000mAh battery and its charger
  • Rechargeable remote controller and its charging cable
  • 2 propellers
  • User manual
  • Ac cable for the drone

Design and Build Quality

This is a heavy drone, not too heavy to carry, but we mean that it is above the weight threshold put forth by the FAA for registering drones. It weighs 765g, so you will have to register it online with the FAA.

The measurements of the drone are not too big at 13.7 by 12.6 by 7.8 inches. It is definitely not easy to slip this drone into your pocket but it is not too big either to pack in your backpack.

The hull is made of ABS plastic. This is light and resilient at the same time. In case there is a crash, the electronic parts are well protected.

The motors are brushless. Of course, we could not expect anything less from Potensic.

You will notice the high landing gear. This is intentional because the camera is suspended under the nose of the drone.

Camera Quality

We have already mentioned that only the images have 4K resolution. Videos are more like 2.7K, which is a bit misleading because many descriptions tout the camera as fully 4K.

The image transmission is over the 5.8G WiFi, makes it quite fast and low latency. Since the drone supports SD cards of between 4 and 128GB, you can install one and store your footage there.

The camera is adjustable by 90° vertically. That way, you can always find the best angle to capture images and videos in vivid detail. In addition, you can adjust the vertical angle from the remote controller even when the quad is in flight.

Battery and Flight Time

Here, Potensic have outdone themselves! You get a high capacity 3100mAh battery that is going to give you a flight time of 31 minutes, give or take a little. The fast charging time of 120 minutes is quite rare for such a high capacity battery. Spare batteries are also available from different online marketplaces. If it gets to a point where the quad needs extra power, the battery will punch out triple power. Such can come in useful when there is a gust of wind.

Remote controller

The Potensic Dreamer comes with a telescopic remote controller. What this means is that you can adjust its size to fit smartphones of different sizes. The joysticks are not installed, so you have to install them first before you can use it. The remote controller also has a built-in battery. You just have to recharge it when it runs low.

The maximum control range with the remote controller is 800 meters. This is far enough since it is not advisable to fly your drone out of sight.

Flight Functions

Once again, this quad comes with a good number of flight functions. Some of them are for fun and some are for safety. Here, we shall look at several of them:

GPS Return

You will have the drone turn back and come home automatically when signal is lost or battery runs low. To do that, it connects to the GPS in your mobile phone. Your drone can never get lost. In addition, the PotensicPro app records the last place the drone was seen so if it does not come back, you know where to start looking for it.

Altitude Hold Mode

You can engage the altitude hold mode so that the drone flies at the same vertical height. That way, you do not need to worry about the vertical flight, just the horizontal flight and capturing footage.

Circle Flight

If you have interesting scenery that you would like to record from all angles, just set the drone  on circle mode. That way, it flies around the subject/object in circles keeping to the set radius. It will capture footage from all angles.

One key take off and landing

This key is going to remove the guesswork out of the picture completely. When you press it, the quadcopter will take off and hover at a height to wait for the next move from you. It will also come home and hover at the same height.

Waypoint Flight

Here, just access the map on the app, make dots along the route that you would like the drone to follow and then connect them. When you launch the drone, it will fly along the route. It is like having it on autopilot so that you can concentrate on shooting better footage.

Emergency Stop

As we told you, this quad comes with some good safety functions. The emergency stop is one of them and a good idea too since the quad lacks obstacle sensors. That way, should it come across an obstacle, you can stop an imminent crash by punching this key.

Follow Me

Get the drone to lock onto you and follow you wherever you go. It keeps a respectable distance so you won’t be spooked. You can also set the drone to follow your car when you are doing a road trip.

Headless Mode

With the long control distance of 0.8km, chances are the drone can go out of sight. With headless mode, you can be sure the quad’s flight direction is always aligned to your position.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I love my Potensic Dreamer, but I have a bone to pick with them – they don’t provide a carry-case. I feel this is a serious omission on their part. George W.

30 minutes of flight time are enough for me to fly this drone to my fill. Therefore, I hardly find the need to order a second battery unless I am going on holiday out of town. Frank T.

I flew this drone and a low velocity wind came out of nowhere. The intelligent battery kicked in and the drone flew at 3 times its usual power. It was incredible. John H.

I am not entirely a beginner but I feel this drone could meet a newbie’s needs pretty well. I love it for the camera and flight performance and I am going to hang onto it for a long time. Sam S.

Sure, the video resolution is not really 4K but I still think the photos and videos are awesome. No complaint from me! Linda H.

Potensic Dreamer GPS

Potensic Dreamer Pros

  • Fast charging time and long battery flight time
  • Controller has a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Strong, brushless motors
  • Good build quality
  • Easy to calibrate remote controller with drone
  • Long RC control range
  • Nice images and video once you install SD card

Potensic Dreamer Cons

  • Have to register it with the FAA
  • Narrow field of view at 78° only for the camera
  • Price is a bit steep for a toy-class quadcopter

Who Should Buy The Potensic Dreamer?

Despite the fact that this quadcopter is not foldable, it is a good choice for a traveler. You would just need to buy a good travel case for it. It is sturdily built and it takes good pictures and videos once you install an SD card. If you are beginner and you need a drone you will not upgrade on in a long time, get this one. It will cost you a pretty buck but it will be worth it.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Read the user manual! That should always be the first thing to do when you buy a new drone, appliance, electronic and so on. In the user manual, you will see how to calibrate the drone for flight, safety measures, how to charge the remote controller and the main battery. Also, never fly a drone in places with animals, houses or trees if you want to achieve top speed and maximum distance. With those precautions in mind, you can enjoy flying your Potensic Dreamer drone at full speed.

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