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Pros of GoolRC GW89

GoolRC GW89

GoolRC GW89 Review

GoolRC GW89 is a marvellous piece of work. It is a lowly priced drone, no denting your wallet for a drone. Whether you are a newbie drone pilot or you have been flying drones for some time, you will be impressed by this one.

This is not the first GoolRC drone that we are reviewing here. A while back, we looked at the GoolRC SG906 drone, which is indeed a specimen that you would be proud to own. It came with robust features and three high capacity batteries.

Does the GW89 pack the same features? These are different versions and are intended for different users. Anyway, GoolRC is known for making awesome drones across different price ranges. Thus, whether you are on a low or high budget, you should always get a good starter drone with camera.

You can choose to get one, two or three batteries with this drone, of course at different prices, but there is not all that much difference. Besides, getting triple the flight time is quite something.

Since that is not all that there is to this drone, let us explore what more to look forward to in the upcoming sections.
GoolRC GW89
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