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Pros of UVify OOri

UVify OOri

UVify OOri Review

When looking for information about this drone, one UVify OOri review referred to it as the first smart racing drone of the world. How true or false this is can be ascertained by the features. We must agree though that it is quite rare to see a small drone that can do 50mph/80kmh, and with features such as FPV screen on the controller.

Even if you buy the UVify OOri as your very first drone, do not fret at the mention of the word racer in its description. It has three speed modes – beginner, intermediate and racer speeds.

When you buy it, start on beginner speed. As soon as you have cut your teeth, try the higher speed modes. This drone flies well indoors, obviously at low speed, and outdoors too, at high speed.

UVify OOri

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