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Tomzon D25 Pros

Tomzon D25

Tomzon D25 Drone Review

Do you want a small, lightweight and affordable drone that performs pretty well in gusty conditions? You ought to try the Tomzon D25. However, this does not mean that you take this drone right out in high velocity winds. It means that it can fly just fine in a breeze, without danger of losing it.

This is a small quadcopter with many good things going for it. It has excellent flight performance. On the same note, it has some misgivings too. For example, some users complain about the video and photo quality. Some have even had issues with the drone failing to respond to return to home commands, but such cases are rare and few in between.

The price is affordable, but if you know toy-class quadcopters, you will agree that features are more important than the price. Keep reading to see the features that the D25 comes with.

Tomzon D25
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