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Walkera F210 Features

Walkera F210

Walkera F210 Drone Review

If looks in a drone matter to you, then the Walkera F210 is what you are looking for. The blue, black and orange color combinations make this drone look quite striking. It also has an aggressive look to it, quite masculine if you ask and many people love it for that. There is a reason why this drone looks so aggressive. It is a racing drone and it has many impressive features to boot.

Having come into the market in 2015 with the Walker F250, the F210 is a big improvement on the first one. Thus, it has many additional features that the first drone did not have. If you would love a racing drone, just buy this one.

But looks and racing power do not make a good drone. It takes many more things such as battery power, the flight features and in this age of first person view (FPV) and virtual reality (VR), the camera is also quite important. Besides, when you pay a price above $350, you really expect good return for the money. The good news is that the Walkera F210 3D Edition drone meets all of your expectations, well except regarding camera.

Walkera F210

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