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Walkera F210 Drone Review

Walkera F210

If looks in a drone matter to you, then the Walkera F210 is what you are looking for. The blue, black and orange color combinations make this drone look quite striking. It also has an aggressive look to it, quite masculine if you ask and many people love it for that. There is a reason why this drone looks so aggressive. It is a racing drone and it has many impressive features to boot.

Having come into the market in 2015 with the Walker F250, the F210 is a big improvement on the first one. Thus, it has many additional features that the first drone did not have. If you would love a racing drone, just buy this one.

But looks and racing power do not make a good drone. It takes many more things such as battery power, the flight features and in this age of first person view (FPV) and virtual reality (VR), the camera is also quite important. Besides, when you pay a price above $350, you really expect good return for the money. The good news is that the Walkera F210 3D Edition drone meets all of your expectations, well except regarding camera.

Walkera F210

But first, here is a look at its main features:

Walkera F210 Features & Technical Details

The design and build quality

First, this is a small-medium sized drone. It measures 7.2 by 7.2 by 4.1 inches. When the battery is included, the drone weighs 370 g. Register this drone with the FAA online before you can be able to fly it since it has passed the weight threshold of 250 g.

About the build quality, this is a very sturdy drone. The casing is constructed with high quality carbon fiber. With this kind of build, this drone is going to stay intact even if it collides with an object or if it falls to the ground.

One more thing that you will love with this drone is that it has been made with brushless motors. Brushless motors offer more advantages that brushed motors lack. First, the noise level is several decibels lower, so you can fly your drone in your backyard without spooking your neighbors. Secondly, the brushless motors last a long time, and they require minimal to zero care and maintenance.


The camera is a bit more traditional, or should we say ancient, because it has a resolution of 700 TVL. Now, TVL just means TV lines, a measure that is used in CCTV cameras. The higher the TVL the higher the resolution will be. This camera is included for one thing only – FPV experience. It is not for taking videos or photos.

You may try to enhance your FPV experience with the Goggle2 System, the only VR set that is compatible with the drone. With a resolution of 640 by 480 for each eye, you should have a slightly better FPV experience. If you would like to capture some aerial photographs and videos, you will have to get an action camera and mount it on the drone. Please note that there is no mount for such a camera.

Remote controller

The F210 comes with a Devo 7 controller, quite advanced and for beginners, mind boggling at first but awesome once you learn how it works.

You will see that it has a small screen. This one displays things such as the battery voltage. Many people do not find this useful since they are mostly used to having the battery meter displaying a percentage to know how much flight time is left.

You will also see that the controller has quite a few joysticks. It takes time to figure out what they all do.

All in all, this is quite a feature-filled remote controller. Whether you will get to use all of these features or not is really up to you. Good things is that while it looks big, it is light in weights and offers a comfortable and ergonomic grip.

Speed modes and flight

There are so many flight modes in this drone. That is why the controller has so many features. One of the speed modes that you may want to start with is the 2D mode where the drone flies horizontally most of the way.

Advanced 2D flight mode does not offer a stabilized flight. It leaves all the control to you but it is a lot of fun. In 3D mode, you will fly the drone forwards and backwards or you can accelerate it towards the ground. When you are not used to flying such an advanced drone, it is much better to fly it in the simplest mode as you learn its moves.

The F210 also has tilts, roll/pitch modes and other special things that it can do. Avoid using what you do not understand since the knobs and sticks on the controller lack indications showing what they are for.

You may fly this drone in night mode too. It has a powerful light that shows you the flight position clearly. However, even with the light, you may not be able to capture good footage in low-lit conditions.

Battery and flight time

The Walkera F210 uses a 4S 14.8V 1300mAh Li-Po battery. When flying in 2D mode, you can be able to get about 9 minutes of flight time. When flying in 3D mode, you can get 5 minutes of flight time. Also, there is no information as yet regarding spare batteries, so you may have to wait a little longer before you can buy a second one.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

This drone came ready to fly  right out of the box. She flies powerfully and fast. It was everything that I expected and I do love a good challenge from time to time. Paul G.

I love the sturdy build of this drone because I have dropped it a couple of times mid-flight and I once somersaulted it to a landing, and I only used my hands to straighten the carbon fiber parts back to line. Ziko H.

At first, I found this drone a bit hard to control, but I eventually figured it out. Now, I can fly it in manual 2D mode like a pro and get the thrill of a lifetime. Havier R.

The Walkera F210 is for people who like pushing their limits. I once tried flying it in manual 3D mode and I almost had a heart attack. It is a lot of fun though. Trinny A.

Frankly, I find the remote controller a bit too much, with too many knobs, joysticks and buttons. However, there is no indication as to what all of these do. Fred D.

This is a very powerful drone. It is so fast such that before you can blink, it will be out of range if you are not ready for it. If you love speed and fun, get this drone. Lin M.

Walkera F210 Brushless motors

Pros of Walkera F210

  • It is a powerful drone and fast flyer
  • Comes set to fly, no assemblage needed
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Hardy carbon fiber body is enduring
  • Light in weight for traveling with
  • Stunning flight modes, sometimes all manual
  • It has brushless motors that last a long time
  • Looks very stylish and aggressive especially with the two antennas up
  • Low latency – between punching a command and response time

Cons of Walkera F210

  • It is complicated to fly for beginners
  • It does not record video
  • Camera for FPV could be better

Who Should Buy This Product?

Mostly, the Walkera F210 is recommended for experienced pilots. If you are a total beginner drone enthusiast, or a child, you can ruin this drone quite fast. However, if you have handled racing drones before, you know they are small, light and nimble … and super fast. The F210 is the most agile and fastest of them all, performing some of the craziest stunts and speed thrills that you can ever imagine.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you love a good thrill, buy the Walkera F210 3D edition with Devo remote controller. It is a fast and powerful drone and it can do rolls and flips, as well as tilts. However, do not be in a hurry to test it in 3D manual mode. Take time to learn how it flies or you may end up crashing it too soon. Also, note that there is no information regarding spares and it only works with accessories made by the same company. You may catch a few videos on YouTube to learn how to fly this drone.

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