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Tomzon D40 Drone Review

Tomzon D40 4K Camera

If you would like a lightweight quadcopter that takes good quality pictures and video, you might want to try the Tomzon D40 Drone. It weighs 240g, which is just 10g shy of the threshold within which you are required to register it with the FAA.

This drone is going to set you back a good amount of money. Therefore, you want to be sure that you will get good value for the money. You can only know that by looking at the features, which we will discuss in the upcoming sections.

When you get the package, it will have the Tomzon D40 drone, lithium ion battery, one remote controller, a screwdriver, carry bag and a spare set of propellers.
Tomzon D40 4K Camera

Tomzon D40 Features & Technical Details

The Tomzon D40 is made for people who want to take good aerial footage and those looking for a fun and exciting flight. Therefore, if you are looking for an aerial camera to capture your outdoor adventures, the D40 might meet your needs.

But first …

Design and Build Quality

This drone comes with brushless motors, which give a more powerful flight while requiring minimal maintenance throughout their lifetime. In addition, they are quieter and they consume less power as compared to their brushed counterparts.

This foldable drone comes assembled, ready to fly. Just calibrate it and fly it. In addition, it folds together with the blades so that you do not have to screw or unscrew anything when you are traveling with it. Folding it makes it considerably smaller and easier to store or travel with.

Tomzon has used ABS plastic for the fuselage. This contributes to the low weight of the drone. It is also stronger and it will not burst open with the first crash.

You will not need to register the D40 with the FAA since it has a takeoff weight of 240g. To register your drone with the FAA or most other civil aviation authorities, it needs to be heavier than 250g.

The body of the quadcopter is also streamlined towards the nose. This helps it to cut through the air with minimal resistance. While you might not notice its effects, this can enhance your flight time.

Camera Quality

This is a 4K drone. That is more than enough resolution for a hobby drone. However, we know the resolution alone is not enough to take good aerial footage.

That is why drones such as DEERC DE22Pro come with two-axis gimbal to stabilize the camera. Others come with a two or three-axis gimbal and EIS to eliminate vibrations and all distortion from footage.

The D40 comes with EIS – electronic image stabilization.This means that when the drone shakes, the computer computes and aligns the camera properly to compensate for any vibrations and shaking.

Obviously, the mechanical gimbal does a better job than EIS but hey, any type of stabilization is better than none.

This camera has a wide field of view at 135°. In addition, you will also be able to adjust the vertical angle of the camera remotely to enhance your FPV experience.

You will have a great FPV experience with this drone especially with the long image transmission range of 800 meters. Instant video is transmitted over the 5Ghz frequency.

Tomzon D40 4K UHD Camera With EIS

Battery and Flight Time

This drone comes with a military grade smart battery. By smart, we mean that on the remote controller, you will be able to see how much voltage remains on the small LED lights made for just that.

This is a modular battery so you can charge it outside the drone. In addition, it comes with its own charging cable. Therefore, even if you order a spare battery, it will come with its charging cable too.

You will get up to 27 minutes from the battery. The charging time is about 3 hours, and we feel that this is a bit fair.

You can buy a second and third battery if you need to prolong your flight time. That way, you will enjoy the FPV fun much longer and be able to record more moments of your adventure.

This is a safe battery to handle. It also has overcharge protection.

Remote Controller (Improved)

Improved from what to what? Well, the Tomzon D40 drone comes after the D30, which came with a bulky and unexciting remote controller.

When you look at this one, you will notice that it comes with a sleeker, slimmer and lighter body, with two protruding arms to hold it. You will also notice that it is less cluttered, with a few buttons and each is labelled with the icon for its function.

Tomzon G App

This is the right app, which you can find on different app marketplaces. This is a free app, it is lite and it will not occupy too much of your phone resources.

You will need this app for FPV, social sharing, gesture shooting and many other functions, including the VR experience.

On Google Play, this app has a low rating of two out of five. However, when you start reading through the reviews, you realize that some people swear by the app and some against it.

In any case, this is the only app available to fly Tomzon drones.

Flight Functions

Hobby drones come with many flight functions to make them easy and fun to fly for people of all experience levels. The prominent flight functions of the Tomzon D40 drone are as follows:

GPS/GLONASS Connectivity and Fail-safe Functions

Because this small drone comes with GPS and GLONASS system, it has fail-safe features. For instance, you can bring the quadcopter back home with a press on the return to home key.

The aircraft turns and comes back when it loses signal or when the battery runs low. Basically, with GPS/GLONASS, the drone connects to the GPS module on your smartphone and so you always know where it is.

Hands-free flights

Flying a drone in hands-free mode is not only exciting, but it also leaves you the space to concentrate on taking good footage.

Some of the hands-free functions include:

Follow Mode – Get the D40 to recognize, lock onto you and follow you wherever you go, taking your footage from an angle. You get it to follow you by engaging the follow me mode.

Tap Fly – Enjoy better FPV with the tap fly function. All that you need to do is to open the map interface on the app and tap along the route that you would like the drone to follow. You can then connect the dots with a line.

Circle Mode – Also called point of interest, you can get the quadcopter to fly around a certain monument or object, capturing footage from all angles.

Smart barometric system for altitude hold

With the smart barometric system, you get the quadcopter to maintain a certain altitude as it flies. Even if the landscape changes, you know, hills and all, the quadcopter still maintains the right altitude. Barometric system also ensures that the drone has a stable hover when you want to capture footage from a single point.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

The Tomzon D40 is easy to set up and fly. It also comes with a nice, padded storage and carry bag with an extra pocket for small accessories. John W.
Tomzon D40 GPS Auto Return Home

Tomzon D40 Pros

  • The quad has nice LED lights that help with low light flights
  • Nice storage and carry case
  • Long flight time from one battery
  • 4K camera with EIS really takes good footage
  • GPS fail-safe functions make the aircraft hard to lose
  • Sturdily built with durable material

Tomzon D40 Cons

  • For this price, mechanical gimbal would have been nicer
  • App might not work with all devices

Who Should Get The Tomzon D40 Drone?

From this review, you can see that this quadcopter is definitely worth the money. The inclusion of the 4K EIS camera is a good idea because it really does take good pictures and videos.

You can buy this aircraft for your husband to get him started on drone hobby or your son on their birthday. It is easy to fly for beginners so anyone can have fun with it. However, the manufacturer recommends the minimum user age as 14 years.

Conclusion and Recommendation

That is it for this Tomzon D40 drone review. For just a couple of hundred dollars, you can own this aircraft and start taking good aerial footage.

Do not fly this drone in the wind. Whether it has GPS return or not, it is easy for a gust of wind to go away over a long distance in which case it will fail to respond to commands.

Always fly your quadcopters in large open spaces, in areas without animals or people since the noise can spook them. Also, you do not want your aircraft to crash into trees and buildings.

Show me the price !

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