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Which Features Should you Consider while Buying Drones?

As someone looking forward to investing in drones – you have various options to select from. There are several types of drones made available in the market and you can choose one based on the purpose you would want it for! Fundamentally, drones actually let you do a lot of things together – right from surveying your surrounding areas from atop to taking beautiful pictures of the same. 2018 remains an exciting time to purchase drones because they cost lower than before as well.

What Kind of a Drone do you Want?

Depending on your choice you can opt for the lightweight drones sans cameras or the fliers bearing cameras. If you think that you will not invest in something which doesn’t let you capture aerial views – then you need to start off your search with the latter. And, if you are satisfied with a cheaper airborne camera-free counterpart then you can opt for the former. However, for the most seasoned droners out here the real deal is, was and always will be the racing drones designed to satiate their need for speed.

Professional drones are primarily accessed by broadcasters and offer excellent video quality and cost several thousands of dollars. However, if you are really planning to make the most of the merits that these drones have to offer, you should definitely make yourself aware of the technical nuances. Before delving into the features that you must check out while buying these drones, we would like you to educate yourself about the fundamental regulations governing the use of drones:

  • Stay at least 5 miles away from all airports
  • Make sure you are not being rude to the police if you are ever approached by them
  • Don’t fly over public or private property
  • Don’t fly over crime scenes
  • Don’t fly over fires
  • Don’t fly above 400 feet above the ground

Now, for the features that you must look forward to before investing in drones— kindly read on in order to be duly guided.

Battery life

This remains the primary consideration. As much as we are talking about those expensive high-end drones, let us tell you that even they grapple without charge once they cross 30-minutes of flying. We are not telling you that investing in extra batteries is a must. However, you can have them handy if you want to – of course only after bringing the cost of the spare batteries into the equation.


How far can you fly your drone without really losing control over the same? This is what the range of a drone will tell you! Needless to say, the more expensive professional drones offer you better range than that of their cheaper counterparts!


This is for everyone who is looking forward to capturing magnificent aerial views through the lens. You must look into the resolution offered by the integrated camera of the drone. If we are ruling out the toy-drone models, then we can say that most of the other standard units offer integrated cameras. There might as well be some which offer you the opportunity to add your own. Indoor drones notably come with cameras with low quality footage.

Integrated GPS

Do you know about the RTH feature? It means Return to Home. That’s exactly what he integrated GPS allows your drone to do. The integrated GPS lets the refined machines know where exactly they are and find their way back home – thereby bolstering its overall navigational skills.

Follow me mode

This is for the more ambitious souls out there. The GPS tracker allows the drone to track you – so that when you are busy with your own ground activities like cycling – you can just expect your drone to follow you by recording your progress.

Headless mode

Headless mode is a feature geared towards beginners who are yet to get a hang of the controls. The headless models make use of the controller stick. If you press it in one direction then the drone starts moving in one direction relative to you instead of where the joystick is pointing.

Obstacle avoidance

The more expensive rather refined models come with this feature. It means that your drone is automatically adept at avoiding obstacles such as trees. It is important on your end to check out reviews to figure out whether these drones actually offer you what they publicize or not.

Altitude hold

The Altitude Hold enables your device to maintain a more or less steady altitude. When in stabilize mode, the throttle doesn’t really allow you to maintain the current altitude but the altitude hold mode works in a completely different fashion by enabling you to control the ascent and descent of the unit with the help of a throttle stick. You are in a position to control the heading and the roll and pitch lean angles.

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