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Yuneec Typhoon H

The Yuneec Typhoon H is a market-beating drone yuneec typhonn that competes with the best DJI and Walkera have to offer. Unlike other UAVs, this is an octocopter rather than a quadcopter, so it has six propellers taking it into the air. There is a landing gear to avoid damage during landings which conveniently retracts. The Devo F12E is a favorite controller that broadcasts on 2.4Ghz across 12 channels. This is supplied with its useful 5-inch display that shows real-time telemetry from the onboard camera. The 12.4-

megapixel camera fitted on a 3-axis minimal vibration gimbal offers a full 360-degree rotation and supports 1080p 120 FPS and 4K HD 30 FPS video too. The range of 800 meters and flight duration of 23 minutes is supported by the two 3,000 mAh 29.6-volt 10-cell Li-Po batteries. Some of the other features include collision detection and evasion, fail-safe return to base, a selfie and a circle me mode, and a team mode for sharing.

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Yuneec Typhoon H:
Flight duration: 23 minutes
Range 800 meters
Battery: Two 3,000 mAh 29.6-volt 10-cell Li-Po
Controller: Yes. Devo F12E on 2.4Ghz across 12 channels. 5-inch monitor with FPV capabilities
Camera: Yes. 12.4-megapixel camera with 1080p Full HD 120 FPS and 4K HD 30 FPS support
Gimbal: 3-axis, 30-degree rotation, with anti-shake design
Special Features: Collision detection and counter-action, follow me, fail-safe return to base, selfie mode, circle me, and team mode.


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