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ZENFOLT X7 Drone Review


If you are looking for a drone that can serve as your family’s aerial camera when you are having fun moments outdoors, you might consider the ZENFOLT X7 drone.

First, you need to find out the features of this quadcopter. It has several of them and it is a good-looking aircraft too. This is a good entry-level drone, the price is not too bad and it flies well.

If it is your first drone, you will love how easy it is to fly. The user manual is also detailed so that you can learn how to calibrate the drone and fly it really well.

Before buying any drone, it is always good to know whether there are any downsides to expect. In the case of this ZENFOLT aircraft, one owner complained that once they launched theirs, it flew away and could not respond to the remote controller commands.

While this appears to be an isolated case, it is best to be aware so that you can fly yours carefully. Remember to fly your drone when there is no wind to avoid losing it.

ZENFOLT Drone Features & Technical Details

For the price that you will pay for this drone, you expect it to come with some good features.

These include a camera, good flight time, a sturdy remote controller and then there are the physical features such as size, weight, materials and design.

Drone Design and Quality

If possible, you would like your drone to last as long as possible. This is why manufacturers use the best material – ABS plastic.

It is lightweight and tough at the same time. The electronic parts inside the drone are delicate but the high quality fuselage protects them if the drone crashes.

By design, this aircraft is foldable and that makes it so easy to carry. It will take minimal space in your pack. When the drone is delivered, it comes assembled and ready for flight.

This is a colorful drone with an orange top while the other parts, including the rotors are grayish in color.

It has a nice set of LEDs at the top of the head and the front motors have LEDs. They help you to locate the drone position in low light conditions.

The motors of the drone are good and they give an impressive flight performance. Also, you should download the app, which will unlock more flight functions to enjoy flying this drone even more.

1080P HD camera

This is a camera drone and when the lighting is good, it can take good footage. Of course, many toy drones today come with 2K or 4K cameras, but then they cost more money.

There is no information whether the camera angle is adjustable, but the field of view is wide at 120 degrees, so you will take footage with a lot of background.

This drone is also FPV-enabled, so when you download the app, you can see what it can see while it flies.

It is also compatible with VR goggles to give you a more intensive first person view experience. You will have to buy the VR glasses separately though since they are not part of the package.

Batteries and Flight Time

Most beginner adult drones come with two batteries nowadays and the ZENFOLT drone is not any different. It comes with two low capacity 800mAh batteries.

They are modular design batteries, so they will charge outside the drone. They are also easy to snap into place and remove. The batteries have built-in overcharge protection.

Each battery can give you a flight time of about 7 to 10 minutes, mostly 7, which is quite short, so you would be better off buying a third battery. With a minimal charging time, you can take a break as they charge so you can fly some more.


Despite looking a bit bulky in design, the remote controller is quite light in weight, good enough even for kids. It uses three AAA batteries and surprise … it ships with them.

If you want to fly the ZENFOLT X7 blindly, you will find the keys for all the important functions on the transmitter.

The flight experience is always better when using the app. The foldable smartphone holder is on the upper side of the remote controller. There is minimal interference from your hands while you are using the app and the remote to fly the drone.

Flight Functions

This is an adult beginner drone, so you look forward to having many flight modes, which make it so easy to fly. You will not be disappointed!

Gravity sensor

With this function, you can get the drone to fly in the direction of your choice by waving the smartphone in that direction. This fun function puts the entire control of direction of the drone in your hands.

Headless Mode

With this function engaged, you never have to worry about where the nose of the drone faces, even when it is not in your sight. It will realign automatically to face the right direction even when you change direction.

Altitude Hold

Every beginner quadcopter has the altitude hold function. This built-in function ensures that the drone flies at a locked height so that you just have to worry about the horizontal flight.

Tap Route

It is also called trajectory flight. In this mode, you just launch the drone and it follows your preset route. You can create this route by opening the map interface and drawing a line along where you would like it to fly.

One Key Control

Land or launch the drone using the one key landing and take off function. This makes the aircraft very easy to fly for beginner pilots.

Voice Control

Engage the voice control function and your drone will fly following the directions that you give it, just as a dog would. Command it to go forward, left, right and even backward.

3D Flips

Similar to the gravity control function, this is another fun function. You can get this mini drone to do 360-degree flips as it flies.

ZENFOLT X7 Easy To Fly Drone

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

After some hesitation, I bought this drone. I had never heard of the brand before but the price seemed good. I am glad I did because it has given me a lot of fun. Mohamed L.

I am yet to take my ZENFOLT X7 drone outdoors after one user said that theirs failed to respond to remote controller commands. I have been flying it indoors but I hope to try soon. Alfie M.

To be honest, there are better options out there. For instance, I feel that the manufacturer could have included a storage bag in this package. John A.

This aircraft flies nicely and it responds to voice commands as well as gravity control. It is a lot of fun but the flight time per battery is too short. Luke B.

There are some nice things to say about this aircraft and some bad things too. First, it ships with the remote controller batteries, something I am yet to see with other brands. Secondly, it is well put together and does just about everything the manufacturer says it can do. About the bad things, there is no storage bag, short flight time and sometimes, it takes a second longer to respond to commands. Vincent O.


  • It has voice control and gravity sensor modes
  • The price is good
  • This drone is easy to use for first-time owners
  • The camera can take decent footage during the day
  • Minimal assemblage since it comes ready to fly
  • Comes with 3 AAA batteries for the transmitter in the package
  • You get a set of bonus propellers

Zenfolt X7 Cons

  • It does not have propeller guards
  • No storage bag
  • The flight time is too short even with two batteries

Who Should Buy The ZENFOLT X7 Drone?

The manufacturer says that this drone is for adult beginner pilots. However, since it is safe, you can buy it as a gift for a 14-year old.

It has some impressive functions such as 3D flips, headless mode and smart voice and gravity control modes. You will have fun flying it.

If you need an aerial camera to take some serious footage, you might outgrow this quadcopter soon. After all, 1080P FHD is a low resolution. It is a good drone camera to learn how to take aerial footage.

Conclusion and Recommendation

For the price, the ZENFOLT X7 drone is a good buy for a beginner pilot. It comes assembled, ready to fly. Before you fly it, study the user guide included in the package.

You might also have to buy a small bag for storing the quadcopter and its accessories, so that the motors do not gather dust.

As usual, it is important to fly your quadcopter in open spaces without people, animals or obstacles. If it crashes, it will not sustain much damage. Remember, it does not have propeller guards, so a crash can break the propeller blades.

You might also want to start flying your quadcopter indoors before you can take it outside.

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