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Zuhafa T4 Drone Review

Zuhafa T4 Drone

The drone market is rich. If you look hard enough, you will always find something that is not only incredibly good, but is also quite affordable. In the category of affordable drones falls the Zuhafa T4 drone. Small, nimble and foldable, this is a nice drone for travel.

But that is not all. This drone also comes with ready drone audio tracks so that you can have some music in the background of your drone videos. Such an awesome feature this one. When you shoot a good video, you want to share it with friends and family on social media. You do not have to wait to edit it and add tracks.

Another exciting feature that will discuss in detail later is the dual cameras. It is hard to imagine that for such an affordable cost, this drone comes with a double camera. How does that work? We shall find out in the upcoming sections. It seems that the small drones are gradually creeping up on the features scale, with many offering almost the same as the big boys of the drone world offer.

Zuhafa T4 Drone

Zuhafa T4 Features & Technical Details

Design and build quality
A single look at this drone will tell you quite a lot. First, it is a very stylish drone and secondly, it is well built. It is not going to fall apart at the first crash. The interior parts of the drone are encased in a body made of strong plastic.

Zuhafa T4 is a foldable drone. In fact, when it is delivered, you will wonder at the size of the package. Do not worry, it is only small because the drone is foldable. The propeller arms fold to the side of the drone. Once folded, you can then pack it in its zippered case, ready for storage or traveling.

When it is folded, the Zuhafa T4 drone measures 7.7 by 5.5 by 2.5 inches and when unfolded, it measures 13 by 12 by 2.5 inches. The weight is equally light at 178 g, so you do not even need to register it with FAA.

The color is a nice matte gray, and there is a strip of blue LED at the back of the drone. Under every propeller, there is a LED light that lights up in blue. Maybe these are for night flying, but they do make for good aesthetics.

Camera quality and FPV transmission
The Zuhafa T4 drone comes with double cameras, which appeal to more people, than most other features. The nose camera captures video footage at a resolution of 1080P.

The second camera is located at the bottom of the drone, close to the nose too. This one captures footage at a resolution of 720P. Instead of having one camera only on the nose, which you would need to adjust manually from time to time, having two cameras is the real deal.

With the two cameras, you will get more views on your smartphone and you can share wonderful videos with family and friends on social media. Talking of sharing, you will also be happy with the hot audio tracks that the drone comes with. You can use whichever track you choose on your videos.

You should have good FPV experience. You can imagine how awesome this will be, what with the views from the two cameras. Video transmission distance over Wi-Fi is 50 meters. Wish it could be longer, but that is what we get.

The cameras have anti-shake feature. Even when the drone is not stable, you can still be assured of high quality videos and photos.
Batteries, flight time and charging time

This drone, just like the Holy Stone HS160 Pro that we reviewed earlier, comes with two batteries. Don’t worry, there is no extra fee for the extra battery. This gives you a lot of flight time and while one is charging, you can use the second one. You may also buy more batteries if you wish for longer flight time.

With a large capacity of 1800mAh, you will get about 20 minutes’ flight time from each battery. The batteries are easy to insert or remove from the drone. The charging time is between 2 to 3 hours.
Remote controller
Unlike many remote controllers that come with so many knobs and buttons, this one looks quite easy to use. Of course, it has the basics and it also has a holder for your smartphone. It uses 4 AA batteries, which you will have to buy separately, but they are readily available in any store.

The remote controller range is 150 meters, three times that of the Wi-Fi transmission.

Zuhafa T4 Flight features

The Zuhafa T4 drone has many features for beginners as well as experienced users. Here, we’ll consider a few of them:

Human following feature
In this mode, the drone recognizes you and follows you from a distance of six feet, capturing video footage. You can find the instructions for setting the Human Following mode on the user manual. This is a nice way to fly the drone hands-free.

Optical flow positioning and gesture photography
Optical flow positioning keeps the drone steady at the designated hover height. That way, you can take good photos and videos. Using the gesture photography mode, this drone starts capturing videos and photos from the hover height.

Zuhafa T4 Drone Human Following
Palm control mode
In this mode, you can use your open palm to fly the drone around. When you wave your palm forward, the drone flies forward. When you wave it sideways, the drone goes sideways and so forth. This is a nice fun feature for the Zuhafa T4 Drone.

Track route
You can draw a route on the app and when you launch the drone, it will follow the designated route. This has become quite a common feature in small drones because we also experienced it in the Goolsky VISUO XS812 drone.

360-degree flips
This is a nice fun feature to include in the Zuhafa T4 drone. With just a simple push of a button for the flips, the drone will turn over 360 degrees. It can flip forwards, backwards and sideways. Just be ware that doing this too many times can drain the battery fast.

One key return
This is a very important safety feature, especially for a drone that does not have GPS or obstacle sensors. With the one key return, the drone returns to the place where it was launched from.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

As my first drone ever, I must say I find this drone very easy to use. First, it is pretty straightforward, with many of its functions mapped to the buttons. Oscar S.

I love the two cameras in this drone and the two batteries. I think the carry-case, which is zippered for safety, is a nice touch too. Henry R.

I have captured good video footage from the nose camera and the belly camera is not too bad either. Will K.

I bought this drone because of its affordable price, you know, one of those things that you order as an after-thought. I have enjoyed every moment that I have flown it. Jessica W.

360-degree flips, 1080P camera, two batteries and such an affordable price … who could ask for more than that? James H.

I must admit that prior to buying this drone, I had only come across the big names such as DJI, Yuneec and Holy Stone. Against the advice of my friend, I decided to try it and I am so glad I did. It flies really well. Eric S.

My heart almost popped to my mouth when there was a gust of wind and I tried the return home key to no avail. I kept trying until it responded. Be careful about flying this drone in the wind. Tod Q.

This is an incredibly tough and performance-oriented small drone. The two cameras and two batteries make it feel as if it is a steal. Stanley K.

Pros of Zuhafa T4

  • Sold with two batteries
  • Two cameras gives a multi-view footage
  • The drone is easy to fly for pilots of all levels
  • Has one key return
  • Foldable for easy transport and storage
  • Has stylish blue LED lights

Cons of Zuhafa T4

  • Does not have GPS
  • Can fly away with the wind

Zuhafa T4 Drone Foldable

Who Should Buy The Zuhafa T4?

Anyone can buy this drone as the price is affordable. It is more of a beginner drone though but it still has some features that can excite even an old hand. For example, the two cameras are a thrill as is the speed and the 360-degree flips. Palm control, peace-sign photography and other hands-free features make the Zuhafa T4 drone a thrill to fly all the time.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With some advanced features, the Zuhafa T4 Drone is not a tad boring, whether it is your first, second or umpteenth drone. However, if you are a beginner, you should note a few important recommendations. First, never fly it in the wind or in places with obstacles. Secondly, read the user manual carefully so that you can know how to use all the features.

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