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Goolsky VISUO XS812 Review

Goolsky VISUO XS812

Goolsky has a knack for making some of the best looking and stylish drones in the market. As you will see in this Goolsky VISUO XS812 review, this is an eye-catching drone, with its black and orange color combinations. As you dig deeper into this review, you will also see that this drone has many features that make flying it quite a thrill. Just like the GoolRC SG906 drone that we reviewed earlier, this is quite a steal, considering the features vis a vis the price. Simply said, this is an incredible drone.

It is engineered with strong plastic casing to protect the interior parts, but you will also find that it withstands abuse quite well. This drone is a solid piece of engineering and if you are looking for a keeper, this is it. Keep reading to see some of the most exciting features that you can expect in the Goolsky VISUO XS812.
Goolsky VISUO XS812

Goolsky VISUO XS812 Features & Technical Details

Design and build quality

This is a foldable drone. We all know the benefit of having a foldable quadcopter. You can fold it into a compact little size, which is very good for traveling. When it is folded, it measures 7.1 by 5.7 by 2.4 inches and slightly more than double that when it is unfolded. You can see that it is a medium-sized quadcopter, looks very good and flies just as nicely.

Some of the most noticeable exterior features include the propeller guards. The drone will come out intact even if it crashes. When the package is delivered, make sure there is the drone itself, a charging cable, a 3.7V Li-Po 1800mAh battery, 4 spare propellers, remote controller, user manual, screwdriver and prop guards.

The camera

As a camera drone, the Goolsky VISUO XS812 will change the way that you take your aerial videos and photographs. While it is not a 4K camera as you would find in the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, it still does a good job. You have a couple of options for the camera. One of them is the 2MP camera while the second one is the 5MP one. Some users say there is not really much difference in the quality, so perhaps it does not really matter what you go with.

One of the reasons why we buy drones is so that we can have an FPV experience. First person view allows you to see what you would see if you were inside the drone. As a real-time video transmission experience, you get to see the video as it is being captured.

For FPV experience on the VISUO XS812, you will have to use your smartphone. The remote controller has a holder for it, so you need not worry about it too much. Just download the Goolsky app to enjoy real-time video transmission.

You will capture good quality 720P/1080P videos. The video transmission distance is 200 meters, via the 5GHz WiFi frequency.

Remote controller

The remote controller looks as snug as the drone itself. It bears the same colors as the drone, blackish-grayish with touches of orange at various places. You will enjoy using the responsive controls. Everything is clearly indicated, with the on/off button at the middle. The remote controller has a retractable smartphone holder, which is adjustable to suit different smartphone sizes.

The remote controller operates on the 4-channel 2.4GHz frequency, which does not experience any interference. The remote controller uses 4 AAA 1.5V batteries, and these should be easy to buy anywhere.

Battery and flight time

This drone uses a large capacity battery – 3.7V 1800mAh. You will be able to get about 15 minutes of flight time from one battery. The drone comes with three batteries, so you get a bonus of two batteries. Again, Goolsky is known for their generosity as they offer extras with every drone that they sell.

The battery is so easy to insert and remove. With three batteries, there will be no need to buy an extra one, as we usually do for drones that come with one. Collectively, you should get 45 minutes or thereabouts of flight time.

The charging time for each of the batteries is 200 minutes.

Flight features

Flight stabilization system – The XS812 packs many flight features. The very important one is the built-in 6-axis gyroscope flight stabilization system. It keeps the drone stable mid-flight, thus enabling you to capture good video and photo footage all the time.

Follow Me Mode – This is a standard feature among all drones. It enables you to operate the drone hands-free, such that the drone follows you around taking your photos and videos all the time.

Way point route – With this feature, you just draw a route on the app and the drone will follow that route. It is a fun feature, but it can also help if you would like to use the drone to monitor a certain section of your garden.

Headless mode – Nothing could be better for a beginner than headless mode. Just punch it without worrying about where the nose of the drone faces.

Auto return – The VISUO XS812 is equipped with auto return for safety. If the battery runs low or the drone loses connectivity with the transmitter, it will turn back automatically, to return home.

One key takeoff and landing – Again, this is a very helpful feature for beginners. Just punch it and the drone takes off or starts to land.

Circle Flight Mode – In this mode, the drone circles around the object or person that you have locked it to. This is a good feature for shooting video from different angles.

Stable altitude hold – The drone uses advanced altitude hold technology for hovering steadily to take high quality photos and videos.

Goolsky VISUO XS812 Altitude hold

Flight directions – This drone can fly sidewards, backwards, forwards, it can turn right or left and it can go up or down.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I have been using this drone for the last few months and so far, I think it is incredible. I wish the camera was more advanced, but then for the price, this is a good deal. Silas W.

Just buy and fly this drone. You do not even need to register it with the FAA. You will also capture good aerial footage for videos and photos. Katrina Y.

I love the style and design of this drone and the controller. They feel quite sturdy, and the drone performs better than many other drones in this price range. Sly V.

The three batteries made up my mind for me. I decided that if a drone maker cared enough to give away two bonus batteries, then it is worth checking out. I am glad I did. Arnie N.

The XS812 is easy to operate. I would encourage beginners to buy this drone. Titus M.

When I bought this drone, it was my first one ever. I thought I would upgrade a few months later but I am still stuck on my XS812. Petr H.

Pros of Goolsky VISUO XS812

  • Plenty of flight time from the three batteries
  • Easy to operate even for beginners
  • Stable during flight and hover enabling you to take good videos
  • Follow me mode, circle mode are good for hands-free operation
  • Built with high quality plastic casing
  • Has propeller guards

Cons of Goolsky VISUO XS812

  • Some users have complained that the XS812 is hard to pair with the remote controller
  • Follow me mode only works when using the drone outdoors

Goolsky VISUO XS812 Dual GPS

Who Should Buy The Goolsky VISUO XS812?

If you love a good, stylish drone at an affordable price buy the Goolsky VISUO XS812. You will enjoy features such as flight stabilization, many safety features and of course, you will be able to capture good videos and photographs. You will have a thrilling FPV experience. If you would love a good bonus, you will get an extra pair of high capacity batteries with the XS812. Anyone who loves an exciting quadcopter should try this one.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you are looking for the best experience with your Goolsky VISUO XS812, you have to know a few things about it. One of them is that if the drone fails to calibrate with the remote controller, you should reboot the drone and the controller. The same applies to your smartphone if the app fails to start. Read the user manual and do not try to make the drone do what it cannot do.

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