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TERCASO Drone Review

TERCASO Drone Image

Are you looking for a small drone perfect for a kid or an adult to get them started in the drone hobby? If yes, this TERCASO Drone is perfect.

It is affordable, has a fairly good camera for capturing aerial footage, and it has other features to prepare you for a bigger quadcopter in future.

There is really not much to look forward to in this toy drone if you have some skill. It is targeted at kids and adult beginners. The available features are basic, the design is basic and even the flight distance is short. All that is to be expected from a small, beginner drone.

There are many good things going for this drone. However, it also has some downsides. For instance, there are no replacement blades. People that have broken theirs complain that they could not find a replacement blade.

There have also been complaints about the drone flying away with low speed winds, refusing to respond to commands and disappearing altogether.

Keep reading to see more of its features.

TERCASO Drone Features and Specs

Even for the cheapest drones in the market, it is always a good idea to check out the features first. That way, you will know whether the drone has what it takes to learn how to fly.

Design, size, weight and build quality

When we say the TERCASO toy drone for beginners is small, we mean it is the same size as your palm when it is folded. It can fit in your jacket or pants pocket. Small size is good for portability, but this drone also comes with a good storage and transport bag.

The takeoff weight is below the threshold required for FAA registration so you can fly it as soon as you get it. It is made with high quality plastic, so it will not rip open when you crash it, unless it is a really hard crash.

By design, this drone is foldable. This makes it easy to manage and to carry. It also folds with everything, including the blades since they are in the split style design, so you do not have to remove anything.

Toy drones are delicate and they can break easily. But if you take good care of the TERCASO, it is going to last a long time. It can get through soft crashes in the grass without losing even a blade.

Camera quality

This drone comes with a 1080P HD camera. In this age of 4K camera drones, this is not much, but then, it is not for professional aerial shooting.

It is enough to let you learn how to shoot aerial footage. You will also be able to enjoy a good first person view from your smartphone, of course after downloading the app.

You can adjust the vertical angle of the camera by up to 90 degrees. This is a nice touch to such a small drone since it allows you to find the best view possible.

Batteries and flight time

TERCASO comes with two 1500mAh 3.7V batteries for more flight time and fun from the sky. Besides, the batteries charge fully in 120 minutes each, which is not too bad.

There is some misinformation though about the flight time as the manufacturer says it is 20 minutes per battery, but that is not true. You are likely to get 20 minutes of flight time from the two batteries.

The batteries are safe to handle, and you can charge them using the USB cable provided for that. Charge them in the car, your computer or anywhere else with a USB outlet.

If the battery runs low when the drone is in the air, it will give a loud beep on the remote controller. There is no need to order a third battery; these two will give you enough fun.

Remote controller

It is a simple, 2.4GHz transmitter softm responsive keys. It has a foldable smartphone holder that fits most common size mobile phones. The seller even includes the AAA batteries required to power the remote controller.

It is lightweight, small in size and the keys do not cluster too much on the face. Even children can run through the two drone batteries without their wrists feeling cramped from holding the remote controller through the session.

TERCASO Drone size

The APP – how to download

The package comes with a user manual, which has QR code, Scan the QR code with your smartphone to download the app.

Once downloaded, create an account and sign in. You will open up a bigger drone experience where you will access FPV and other flight functions.

You can also find the app directly in the Google Play Store. It is called TERCASO Fly App.

Flight functions

Small and simple as the TERCASO is, it still comes with an impressive collection of flight functions. They make it fun to fly. Some are as follows:

Altitude hold – It will hold its vertical height, so you only need to worry about the horizontal flight of the aircraft.

Headless mode – This enables the aircraft to align itself to the position of the pilot, with the nose facing in the appropriate direction.

Speed settings – Start with the low speed setting of this aircraft and when you have gained some skill, try a higher speed.

One key start and landing –This removes room for error since you can just get the aircraft to launch by hitting this key. You can also bring it to land with the same key.

360-degree flips – Break the monotony of horizontal flights with the 360 degree flips. You can get the drone to roll over backwards, sideward or forward.

TERCASO Drone Testimonials

I think the price of this drone is slightly on the higher side. Many quadcopters in its price range such as the TOPRCBOXS S2 Mini Drone for Kids cost almost half of what it costs. When I look at the features, I think there is no justification for the price whatsoever. Paul Garland.

Small, lovely drone. The only problem I have with it is its lack of spare parts. The manufacturer does not seem to have spare blades for sale. I am trying to be as careful as I can to keep my blades intact for a long time. Joseph Pascal.

Nice enough for my 12-year-old. He seems to be having fun with it. I bought him the TERCASO because he asked. Jonas Bickel.

I have flown this aircraft indoor and outdoor. It handles very well. Indoors, I used the low speed modes. Outdoors, I flew it fast. Please fly it when there is no wind. Eric Hunt.

Everything works as advertised for this drone. The batteries seem to die out at ten minutes of flight. It handles well, responding to commands nicely. I love the little lights at the top. They help in low-light flying. Jon Allan Fischer.

TERCASO Drone Pros

  • Three speed modes is a nice idea
  • Seems to take decent aerial footage – both videos and photos
  • Easy to use for all skill levels
  • Has a beep to alert you when battery runs low
  • Comes with two batteries
  • Minimal assemblage required when new
  • Ability to do flips makes it fun to fly
  • Good build quality

TERCASO Drone Cons

  • No spare blades available for sale
  • You will outgrow it too soon

TERCASO Drone Easy Control

Who Should Buy The TERCASO Drone?

This is a toy drone, so it is perfect for beginners and kids. Even then, you will outgrow it as soon as you get good flying skills. The camera quality is good, but quite often, people find the need for a camera drone with higher specs.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a nine-year-old or older child, the TERCASO quadcopter is impressive. It will get them started in the drone hobby and later, they can get a more advanced one.

If you have some skill flying a drone, look around harder. You will find something better and more advanced at almost the same price or slightly higher.

Conclusion and Recommendation

To get the best out of the TERCASO drone, you need to bear some recommendations in mind.

One of them is to start flying the aircraft indoors, at low speeds of course. After you have learned how it handles, you can fly it outdoors at fast speed.

Do not fly the drone in the wind of any speed. Choose an open space without obstacles to avoid crashing it all the time.

The battery can last only so long, so keep the drone within sight as it does not have fail-safe features.

Show me the price !

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