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4DRC F4 GPS Drone Review


With remote camera adjustment, a nice, foldable body and a backpack to carry it, a 4K HD camera, the 4DRC F4 drone has many good things going for it. In addition, this quadcopter also has brushless motors that give a better flight performance than brushed ones. At the same time, these motors have minimal noise, do not overheat and they require minimal care and maintenance.

However, while everything seems so nice, there could be some improvements. For instance, the remote controller will definitely feel too small for your hands, especially if you have big wrists. In addition, there have been complaints from people about the battery coming out too tightly. Usually, these small issues cannot really break the deal, but you need to be aware of them.

Keep reading to see the main features of the 4DRC F4 quadcopter.


4DRC F4 Features & Technical Details

A quadcopter is not worth buying unless you know that its features are enough value for your money. Here are some of the F4 features:

Design and Build Quality

By design, this is a folding quadcopter. It measures 13.3 by 9.5 by 2.3 inches when it is unfolded. In addition, at 17.6 ounces of weight, you do need to register it with the FAA before you can fly it.

The drone fuselage is made with high quality ABS material. Therefore, it is going to stay intact through minor crashes, protecting the interior electronic parts well.

This quadcopter has brushless motors. Therefore, they make less noise, they have a better performance and since they do not overheat, you can fly the drone longer, faster and even higher.

In addition to the folding design and the minimal weight, this quad also comes with high quality storage and carry bag.

Camera Quality

First, the camera has a wide field of view at 120°. In addition, this is a 4K HD camera. Therefore, you will be able to capture colors, faces and other things in vivid detail. However, please note that for your drone to store footage in the highest resolution, you need to use a TF card. Luckily, it supports one to the maximum size of 128GB, but you have to buy it separately.

Unlike other drones that claim to offer 4K footage but they do not, this one really does. For instance, it can take 4K videos at 30fps, stored in SD card. It can also take 3840 by 2160P photos. If the footage is stored in your smartphone, the resolution will be 1920 by 1080P.

You will be happy that you can adjust the vertical angle of the camera remotely by up to 90 degrees. Lastly, the aircraft comes with EIS – Electronic Image Stabilization. Therefore, you can be able to capture distortion-free footage even when the drone slants or shakes. The EIS will kick in to compensate for that.

To enjoy 5G Wi-Fi transmission on your smartphone, you will need to set the phone to flight mode and then connect it to the drone’s WiFi. The transmission range is 984 feet.

Battery and Flight Time

The drone comes with two smart batteries. Each of them is going to give you up to 30 minutes of flight time. Therefore, you can get an overall flight time of 60 minutes. Well, while the flight time hardly gets to the advertised time, even two minutes short of the advertised time per battery would still be good.

The battery feels a bit resistant when pulling it out to exchange it with another one. However, that kind of tightness is good because it means the battery can never flip out.

Since these are modular batteries, they charge out of the drone. Therefore, you can charge one while you use the second one to fly the aircraft.

Remote Controller

The maximum remote control distance is 2000 Feet, which is impressively long. In addition, this is a small controller with keys for different functions. However, this transmitter is quite small, so if you have big hands, you could feel a bit cramped in the fingers and wrists after some time.

The transmitter also comes with a smartphone holder for your smartphone. In addition, the smartphone stays at the top side so there is little interference from your hands.

Flight Functions

To make drones easy to fly for beginners, manufacturers pack them with some flight functions. On that note, the 4DRC F4 quadcopter comes with the following functions:

Gesture Control

Get the F4 drone to start taking pictures when you show it the victory sign. In addition, you can get it to start capturing video by showing it the palm sign.

GPS Control

This is a GPS drone, which connects to the GPS module in your smartphone. Therefore, when you need to bring the drone back home, just press the return to home button and it will come back.

Stable Hovering

This quadcopter is equipped with optical flow positioning and air pressure hold. Therefore, it hovers steadily to enable you to take good video and photo footage.

GPS Intelligent Return Home

If the drone flies out of remote control range, it will turn and come back home automatically. In addition, if the battery runs out, the quadcopter turns back and comes back home.

4DRC F4 GPS Auto Return Home

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Users

Initially, I thought I would run to fly drones on the DRONEEYE 4DRC F4 and then upgrade to another one. However, after flying it for a month, I have decided that it suits my needs so I am not going to buy another. Fletcher T.

I wouldn’t let this drone get too far out of sight because sometimes, it fails to respond to the come back home button. Anabel T.

This is a good drone for this price range. However, fly it on a calm day when there is no wind. GPS return or not, it can fly away with the wind. Adam S.

I like this quadcopter since it comes with a nice camera, carry bag, two batteries and it has good design and build quality. Rob H.

4DRC F4 Pros

  • Brushless motors for better flight performance
  • Easy to fly the drone even for a beginner
  • Good photo and video quality
  • Has a slot for TF card
  • Storage bag is a good addition
  • Many flight functions make it easy to fly

4DRC F4 Cons

  • Some people have complained that their drone failed to respond to commands
  • Controller is too small for a person with a big grip

4DRC F4 Follow Me

Who Should Buy The 4DRC F4 Drone?

Because of the 4K camera, the two batteries and the long flight time, both beginners as well as advanced drone users will find the F4 exciting enough. Therefore, if you are looking for a drone to take good family photos and videos, get this one. It will serve your needs perfectly. It is also a good drone for the constant traveller who loves to record his/her moments.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The DRONEEYE 4DRC F4b drone has some downsides, but the pros are more than the cons. Therefore, this makes it worth having. In addition, it takes good pictures and videos. However, get an SD card to store them in high resolution.

On the same note, it is important to take note of a few recommendations. For instance, never fly the drone out of your sight. In addition, it is hard to trim toy-class drones in the wind. Therefore, choose a calm day to fly yours. On the same note, do not fly it near people, animals, trees or houses to avoid collisions.

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