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The Aee AP11 is a GPS drone with 1080P Full HD camera and flight time of up to 25 min, but it is a worthy drone worth a look. The model is a low-rise drone with a slimline appearance. The body is white with black banding over the central area, with the AEE logo, and red stripes along two arms. The 6,800m Ah Li-Po battery is a substantial one compared to the competition. The battery powers the 25 minutes of flying time and the range of 500 meters.

AEE AP11 Image

The 16-megapixel camera offers excellent photography and Full HD video at 60 FPS. The AEE AP11 equipped with a 3-axis gimbal that stabilizes the image from the camera and minimize jitters from the drone translating over to the camera image. There is a GPS chip for better navigational accuracy, a fail-safe rescue option to bring the drone home in the event of a problem, and an automatic return to base function.

The AP11 is impressive in several ways, but it stands out particularly for its camera and gimbal setup.


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