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AOVO PRO66 4K Drone Review

aovo PRO66

The aovo PRO66 drone will cost you a substantial amount of money. Thus, you want to be sure that you will get good value for every dollar that you pay.

The best way to know whether it is worth the money is to look at the features and technical details. Here, we shall look at the design and build quality, battery and flight time, camera quality and more.

Every drone has its downsides, so we will look at those too. For instance, some users complain that the batteries do not last as long as the manufacturer advertises.

At the same time, there have been complaints that you cannot fly the aovo PRO66 without having the app open.

Are these complaints deal breakers? Do they apply across the board or were they from isolated cases? We will find out soon enough.
aovo PRO66

aovo PRO66 Features & Technical Details

Here are some of the most outstanding PRO66’s features:

Design and Build Quality

This is a foldable drone. It can pack small enough to carry in your backpack and travel with it. When you fold it, it measures 4.5 by 7.0 by 3.2 inches. When you unfold it for flight, the size increases considerably to 11.2 by 9.0 by 3.2 inches.

The take off weight of the drone is 520g, double the threshold that the FAA allows you to fly without registering your drone with them. Thus, you will have to register this aircraft with the FAA before flying it.

This drone is constructed with ABS plastic material. It is tough enough to protect the electronic parts. In case of a crash, it will not sustain too much damage.

The manufacturer has used brushless motors on this aircraft. They consume less battery power and they enhance the flight performance of the drone.

Thanks to the brushless motors and the level-5 wind resistance, this drone can fly well in low velocity winds. You will also notice that the brushless motors are quieter than brushed ones.

For easy storage and transport, this drone comes with a good quality carry case with a plastic handle. It also has an extra storage pocket under the top.

When you get the drone, it is fully assembled and ready for flight.

Battery and Flight Time

Ths aovo PRO66 comes with two batteries and the advertised flight time for one battery is 30 minutes. Thus, you stand to enjoy up to 60 minutes of flight time.

One of the batteries will be inside the drone while the second one will be inside the case. These are high capacity 2500mAH Batteries and they take between 4 and 6 hours to charge fully.

Since they are modular, they charge outside the drone, so you can charge one as you use the other. Also, the batteries are safe to handle and charge. They have overcharge protection and they are easy to remove and insert into the drone.

Camera Quality

This is a 4K camera drone. It has an image resolution of 4K but to enjoy your photos in such high quality, you have to store them in the TF Card. If you store the footage in your smartphone, the resolution will be 1080P.

The video resolution is 720P for smartphone and TF card storage. It also retains the same resolution for your first person view.

The camera has a wide field of view at 120°. It is also remotely adjustable, vertically by up to 90 degrees. With such room for maneuver, you can find the best viewing angle.

The camera has a two-axis gimbal, so it rotates to maintain the right orientation for your images and videos. It also eliminates distortion that would otherwise occur from vibrations and shaking that the drone experiences as it flies.

Using 5G WiFi, this drone can send you high quality real-time video over a long distance of 800 meters. Unfortunately, the maximum TF card size supported is too small at 32GB only.

Remote Controller

The aovo PRO66 drone has a stylish remote controller. From a glance, it looks simplistic enough. But the foldable smartphone holder is beneath the controller, and this can cause some interference with your hands.

There are the usual trim and speed control sticks on the right and left side. There are also keys for functions such as headless mode, return home and others. Overall, you will find a key for every function that you need to fly this drone blindly.

The overall control range of the transmitter is 1000 meters. The drone can also fly at a maximum height of 119 meters.

Flight Functions

Automatic flight functions make a drone easy to fly and control. The aovo PRO66 has a good number of those as you shall see below:

GPS positioning

With this function, you shall never lose your drone. It will also fly back home when the battery runs low or when the signal is lost. Besides, you can press the return to home key and it will fly back.

GPS positioning also makes the drone quite stable to fly and hover. You can take good footage without any distortion.

Smart Follow Mode

When you engage the follow mode, the PRO66 follows you everywhere you go. It will lock onto you even when you are in a car and take good footage while you are on the road. Follow mode is also a good way to fly the drone in hands-free mode.

Circle Mode

In this mode, the drone flies around a monument, a person or any object that you may designate it to circle. It will fly in circles, maintaining a radius and capturing footage from all angles.

Trajectory Flight

With trajectory flight, you will get the drone to fly over your designated flight path. You can assign this route on the map interface on the app.

One key take off and landing

Eliminate the guesswork in flying your drone and just launch or land it with the one key take off and landing function. After calibrating the drone, press this key and it will launch vertically, to a certain height and wait for your move.

Air pressure assisted altitude hold

You only have to worry about the horizontal flight of the quadcopter as it will maintain the set altitude all through the flight.

aovo PRO66 GPS Assisted Featuers

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I tried flying the drone with the battery that was already inserted, but the flight time was so short. I thought the second battery would be better, but it was not. I will order another battery and see whether I just got a bad batch. Allan G.

This drone is so simple to fly with a clear user manual. I would caution you to be careful with the propeller replacement if you break any. You have to match the blades with their respective positions, as indicated by a number. Simon S.

I love that there are many hands-free functions. This leaves me free to concentrate on my outdoor adventures while the follow me mode keeps the drone locked to me. Andrea W.

This is a good drone. But I don’t think it is worth close to $300. In my opinion, it should be cheaper, especially because of the low video resolution. Tom S.

I have flown my PRO66 to the full flight range and there was not even one instance of signal loss. Mr. Carrick.

aovo PRO66 Pros

  • The brushless motors perform really well
  • Two batteries are better than one
  • The drone is simple to fly for beginners
  • It flies well in the low speed winds
  • Long flight range for both remote controller and FPV function
  • Nice storage and carry case

aovo PRO66 Cons

  • The resolution for videos is a bit low
  • TF card support is limited to 32GB only

Who Should Buy The aovo PRO66 Drone?

This is a good drone for both beginners as well as advanced users. It has impressive flight functions, a long distance range and 5G WiFi FPV is quite something. In addition, the camera rotates to give you the perfect views and shots. If you use the drone during the day, you can capture good quality footage.

If you buy it as your first drone, fly it with care because it can crash into things. If you are an advanced user, you will find it exciting due to the long flight range and flight functions.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Considering the flight modes, GPS functions and the build quality, the aovo PRO66 4K camera drone is worth buying.

But before flying it, read the user manual keenly. You need to learn how to calibrate the quadcopter before you can fly it. Also, fly the drone in large and open spaces, when there is no wind. Despite having a 5-level wind resistance, it can still fly away with strong winds.

Do not fly the drone to the full 1000-meter range. It is recommended that you always keep your drone within sight.

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