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BLH S5 Pro GPS Drone Review

BLH S5 Pro

The BLH S5Pro GPS is available in three, two and one battery packages. Actually, there are two versions of the S5 Pro. The first one comes with a 3-axis gimbal while the second one comes with ESC gimbal, and brushless motors.

Overall, this is a high quality, high performance entry-level drone. You can use it to get started in the drone hobby. It is best as an adult beginner drone because of the many flight functions.

Drones have many features and technical details and this one is not any different. We shall look at them in more detail.

Before we look at the features, know that this quadcopter is going to cost you a substantial amount of money. The reason for the extra cost is that when you choose the three-axis gimbal, the price increases. You can take the option with the ESC gimbal.

Keep reading to see its main features and flight functions.

(Something to note: The S5 Pro drone comes in two versions. One has a 3-axis gimbal and it is costlier. The second version is an ESC gimbal drone. It is cheaper, has a shorter flight distance and lower specs).

BLH S5 Pro

BLH S5Pro Features & Technical Details

For longer flight time and more fun with this drone, choose the package with two or three batteries. Both versions come with a carry bag, so packing and traveling with this aircraft need not be a problem at all.

Design and build quality

The rugged design of this aircraft makes it stand out, especially with the two bug eyes at the top. These little LED lights help in low light flights.

This is a foldable aircraft. The folded size is 7.1 by 5.1 by 3.0 inches. When it is unfolded for flight, it measures 11.0 by 11.4 by 3.0 inches. You can see that this is quite a reduction in the size. The arms fold nicely onto the body of the drone making the drone more compact and easy to pack.

BLH has used high quality ABS plastic to manufacture the fuselage of this drone. This material is tough so even accidental drops on hard surfaces are not going to burst the quad open.

The take off weight of this aircraft is 327g for the one with the three-axis gimbal. You will have to register it with the FAA in the USA before you can fly it since it is above the threshold of 250g. Many countries’ civil aviation authorities require consumer drone users to register any drone that is heavier than 250g.

In addition to the usual drone, battery, bag and remote controller, you will also find the following things in the drone package – 2 charging cables, screwdriver, user manual and 4 spare blades.

Coming with 1604 brushless motors, this drone performs very well in flight.

Camera Quality

One of the main reasons for buying a drone today is the camera. And the S5 Pro does not disappoint since it comes with a 4K camera. However, it only takes 4K photos and the videos are 1080P.

The 3-axis gimbal drone takes better photos. The stabilization that such a gimbal offers removes all distortion from your footage.

The angle of the camera is fixed at 90 degrees. If you get the ESC gimbal one, you can control the angle of the camera from the remote controller and you can add EIS – electronic image stabilization.

This is an FPV enabled drone, so you will enjoy a good first person view over a total distance of up to 2000 meters (3-Axis Gimbal version) and 300 meters for the ESC gimbal version.

Battery and flight time

You can get this drone with one, two or three batteries. It uses a 7.4V 3800mAh battery, that is, the 3-axis gimbal version.

This battery can give you a maximum of 21 minutes of flight time. The ESC gimbal version uses a 2500mAh capacity battery. These are safe batteries with built-in overcharge protection. The charging time for one battery is 180 minutes.

You will also notice that the package comes with two USB charging cables, one is for the battery and the second one is for charging the transmitter.


This transmitter comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. By style, the throttle stick is on the left side while the one for trimming is on the right side.

On a full charge, the transmitter battery can last up to 60 minutes. This should be enough to enable you to fly your S5Pro drone through three batteries.

Both the drone and the transmitter have a sleek, simple build. You will also notice that the remote controller has a simple interface that is not cluttered with buttons everywhere.

The remote controller range is 2000 meters for the 3 Axis version and 300 meters for the ESC version.

Flight Functions

The S5 Pro quadcopter comes with many flight functions. With such functions, it is a lot of fun to fly. Here are some of them:

GPS positioning

GPS positioning means precise positioning so that you always know where your S5 Pro is. GPS positioning also makes it possible to use a function such as real-time positioning of the drone so that you can never lose it.

Fail-safe and one-key return home

With fail-safe return, when the drone runs low on the battery power, it will turn and come back home on its own. It will do the same if it loses signal. Also, you can just hit the one-key return to bring it back home.

BLH S5 Pro Fail-safe

Smart follow

Set the S5 Pro drone on smart follow mode and it will recognize your face, lock onto you and follow you, keeping a decent distance and taking footage.

Out-of-control map planning route

This is a very important function. In some instances, drones have been known to defy remote control or app commands. If that happens and you have an out of control-planned route, the drone will follow that route and come home.

Gesture shooting

This is one of the most fun functions in consumer drones. You can show it the victory sign so that it can start taking photos. You can also show it the palm sign to start capturing videos.

BLH S5 Pro Gesture shooting
BLH S5 Pro Gesture shooting

Custom route

When you open the map interface on the app, you can draw a route on the screen that you would like the aircraft to follow and it will follow it when you launch it.

Three speed modes

You can start flying this drone on the slow speed mode, and then try the medium and eventually the high-speed mode.

Other flight functions that this drone comes with include headless mode, altitude hold, one key take off and landing, circle mode and waypoint mode.

BLH S5 Pro drone pros

  • A nice storage bag
  • It has more than ten flight functions
  • You get a choice to choose the 3-Axis or the ESC gimbal versions depending on budget
  • Brushless motors give a good flight performance
  • The 3-axis version comes with two cameras – nose and bottom (6K HD and 4K HD)
  • Decent flight time per battery
  • It is hard to lose the drone
  • One version has 3-axis gimbal and the other has EIS for distortion-free footage

BLH S5 Pro drone cons

  • Too much information is confusing for a first time buyer – can’t tell what drone is what
  • Battery flight time might not get to 21 minutes depending on certain conditions
  • The camera angle is fixed

Who Should Buy the BLH S5 Pro Drone?

Anyone who values a high quality drone that can last a long time with good care should get this quadcopter. It comes with many flight functions. If you are a total beginner, you can get the ESC gimbal drone. It is cheaper, easier to fly and has many flight functions. If you are an intermediate, you should get the one with the 3-axis gimbal.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Despite the confusing mass of information regarding these drones, both the 3-Axis and the ESC version look great, fly nicely and they give good value for money.

If you can spare a little more money, we recommend the 3-axis gimbal version and get it with three batteries. Mechanical gimbals beat EIS anytime when it comes to the quality of the footage.

Whichever version of the BLH S5 Pro drone you buy, do not fly it in the wind. Also, study the user manual keenly before flying the aircraft.

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