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Best Drone Under $300 For Christmas 2019

Best Drone that you can buy with budget under $300 For Christmas 2019


AOKESI X7 Drone Review

Thanks to advanced technology, today, finding an adult drone at an affordable price is so easy. The AOKESI X7 drone is a nice investment for grownup flying toy enthusiasts. The manufacturer of this drone is AOKESI/JETTIME. The manufacturer also has several other stylish drones under their sleeve.

The X7 has many features and the most notable ones are the 4K camera, foldable design, the long battery time of 30 minutes, nice traveling pack and others. All that is good, but even the little details matter – the features. We shall look at these features in detail in the upcoming sections.

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SIMREX X11 Drone Review

If you have been searching for an affordable performance drone with a good camera, your search ends here with this SIMREX X11 drone review. It is one of the latest entrants into the market in the X line of SIMREX drones.

SIMREX is not new to the drone market. They have been making toy drones and indeed other types of toys for many years. We reviewed in detail the SIMREX X300C drone some months ago. Today, we look at the X11, which is another fun toy drone in their lineup.

Other drones that they offer include X400-V2, X101, X500 and X600. They also make a collection of high-speed remote-controlled toy cars, water guns and many other kid toys. For a one-stop center for children’s toys, SIMREX does not disappoint.

The X11 is a good drone for beginners and intermediate. It has many features and the camera quality is good. With a 2-axis gimbal for stabilizing the camera, you can get this as your aerial camera for all of your memorable family moments.

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MARSMO B4W Drone Review

If I may, allow me to say that you will not be disappointed with the MARSMO B4W FPV Drone. This advanced toy has stunning features that make you want to fly it forever. Besides, this drone is quite good looking and stylish, the kind that you would like to show off at every opportunity.

Even starting with the obvious things like the foldability, the LED lights for night flights, the camera and so on, well, there is quite a ton to write home about for this drone. And it is all good!

Ok, seriously before we start to sound like a passage from the Song of Solomon book, let’s stop waxing lyrical and find out how this drone performs Is it worth the money that you will pay for it (just a couple of hundreds of dollars)?

Is the camera truly 2K? In the past, we have looked at drones with 2K camera resolution such as the Eachine EX3 quadcopter, and they are quite good. Let us just say that this drone meets and exceeds your expectations in everything including the price, the features, flight performance, camera and many more.

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CFLYAI Dream01 Drone

CFLYAI Dream01 Drone Review

With powerful brushless motors, a 4K camera (for still photos), a slot for SD card and 15 minutes of flight time, what more could you ask for? The CFLYAI Dream01 is one of the best selfie drones in the market. It is such a good thing to see an unknown company come up with something that challenges the big boys of the industry and actually delivers. Even the looks alone seem to rival most drones in the market. We will see more about its features, design and looks in the upcoming sections.

CFLYAI Dream01 Drone
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Holy Stone HS720

Holy Stone HS720 Review

You know high quality is assured if it is a Holy Stone drone. For years, this Chinese drone maker has been making stunning quadcopters of all sizes, for people of all ages. Their mini drones set the trend as do their feature-packed adult drones. The Holy Stone HS720 is quite advanced yet so affordable at the same time.

It is a sturdy, foldable quadcopter. Expect features such as follow me mode that gets the drone to follow you no matter how fast you move, long flight time of 26 minutes from one battery and GPS assisted functions such as return to home. This is the best drone for the money. It is something that cannot be fully described. You have to experience it.

This compact drone has so many features. It is such fun flying it for the entire battery time. Whether you are looking for the first drone or you have been flying them for sometime, you will find the HS720 quite thrilling. The advanced features may discourage a beginner, but it is a nice buy if you do not want to upgrade to a more advanced one in future.

Holy Stone HS720
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