Power Vision PowerEgg X Review

Power Vision PowerEgg X

How would you like a drone that is shaped like an egg, can be converted into a handheld camera and can be used on a tripod? Simply known as The Egg, the Power Vision PowerEgg X is a powerful drone. However, it will set you back a good amount of money, but you know it is not too costly if it has the features to back it up, right? This is a high quality drone, right from the packaging to the finishing. For the first time, here is a drone where almost every box checks right away.

Let me give you a sneakpeek of the things that you can expect from this drone:

  • Long distance flight range at 3.7 miles maximum
  • Long battery time of 30 minutes
  • 4K camera resolution and video recording at 60FPS
  • Good tracking feature that can follow you at high speed and record in slow motion
  • You can add audio to your videos through your phone or microphone
  • Many more

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SwellPro SPRY+ Review

SwellPro SPRY+

If you are a water sports enthusiast, there is a drone that is not only waterproof, but one that can survive salty or fresh water barrages and remain intact in one piece. In this SwellPro Spry+ drone review, you will see why this quadcopter has been creating sizzles in the market. You should be ready to spend several hundreds of dollars or even more than a grand. A bit high, but the drone does what the manufacturer says it can do if that is any consolation.

Everything about this drone seems so well thought out. This includes the color choice which is orange. This makes the drone visible in the water, in low light and in bad weather. If you surf, snorkel, paddleboard, kayak, fish or sail and you would like to record your exhilarating moments in the water, get this drone. Keep reading to see more of its features and technical details.

Just to mention, this Chinese drone maker also brought us the SwellPro Splash 3 Plus drone.

SwellPro SPRY+
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Best Drone for Windsurfing / Kiteboarding Photography

Drones made huge change in Windsurfing photography. If in the past in order to shoot a professional windsurfing video there was a need to rent helicopter… with drones – this is not needed anymore.

What make drone to a good drone for Windsurfing photography?

• Ability to fly in strong winds

• High quality camera

• Long range

• Long flight time

• High speed

• Auto tracking / follow

The current best drone for Windsurfing photography are:

DroneDJI Mavic 2 ProYuneec Typhoon H PlusSwellPro Splashdrone 3 +
Max wind speed resistance 29-38KPH57KPH46KPH
Range8KM (4.9 miles)1.6KM (1 miles)1.6KM (1 miles)
Flight time 31 Min25 Min25 Min
Max Speed72 KPH70 KPH72 KPH
Check Current PriceDJI Mavic 2 PROYuneec Typhoon H ProSwellPro Splashdrone 3 +

DJI Mavic 2 Pro in action:

Yuneec Typhoon H Plus in action:

SwellPro Splashdrone 3 +waterproof drone in action:

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Detailed Review

SwellPro Splash Drone 3 Plus Detailed Review

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Best Fishing drones

SwellPro Splash Drone 3 Plus Review

Swellpro Splash Drone 3 Plus Image

If you love water adventures and you have been looking for a drone that can capture your video footage when you are sailing, snorkeling, surfing or swimming, read this SwellPro Splash Drone 3 Plus Review.

It is nigh impossible to find a drone that has everything going for it, but the SwellPro Splash drone seems to have almost everything together. It is a stylish, stunning and good looking drone with a performance to match under different weather conditions.

The SwellPro Splash 3 Plus drone is also very versatile. You not only get to use it on dry land and on water, but you can also change certain accessories so that it can do different things. For example, you can attach a camera, search and rescue mechanisms or even fishing aids. While the price looks quite high at almost $2000, you will get the full worth out of every dime that you will pay for this drone.

Because of its water resistance and anti-corrosive ability, you can even fly this drone in the rain. If you have a sailboat, you need a true marine drone that can capture great footage when you are out there in the ocean. Buy the SwellPro Splash Drone and you will never regret your investment.

As you will see in the upcoming section, this drone has been made to perform, evn in winds. It maneuvers very well in windy conditions, can run up at good speed and do much more. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you need a drone like the SwellPro Splash 3 Plus, one that will get your heart racing, but is so hard to ruin.

Just so you know, this drone comes after the first Splash drone, hence the “Plus” in its name. It has more improvements and features over the first one.

Swellpro Splash Drone 3 Plus Image

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Le-idea IDEA9 Review

Le-idea IDEA9 Image

The le-Idea IDEA9 is a fantastic piece of work, with so many features. You can do many things with the drone, from taking awesome video and photo footage to flying smoothly without any hiccups. This is a big camouflaged drone, so it is very impressive even by the looks alone. It looks like something that you would use in a Desert Storm kind of thing. If you are looking for the best cheap drone for wind, you have it.

Good looks and good features make a perfect, or near perfect drone. Add to that the incredible price, about $200, and in some online marketplaces, it is even possible to find it at less than $200. Now that is a good deal for a camo drone that is huge, packs a flight time of 15 minutes, has FPV, takes 1080P video footage and many more. In this le-idea IDEA9 review, you will see all the features that you will get.

Le-idea IDEA9 Image

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