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Power Vision PowerEgg X Review

Power Vision PowerEgg X

How would you like a drone that is shaped like an egg, can be converted into a handheld camera and can be used on a tripod? Simply known as The Egg, the Power Vision PowerEgg X is a powerful drone. However, it will set you back a good amount of money, but you know it is not too costly if it has the features to back it up, right? This is a high quality drone, right from the packaging to the finishing. For the first time, here is a drone where almost every box checks right away.

Let me give you a sneakpeek of the things that you can expect from this drone:

  • Long distance flight range at 3.7 miles maximum
  • Long battery time of 30 minutes
  • 4K camera resolution and video recording at 60FPS
  • Good tracking feature that can follow you at high speed and record in slow motion
  • You can add audio to your videos through your phone or microphone
  • Many more


That said and done, we all know that a drone is as good as the features that it comes with. And The Egg does not disappoint. It packs a good number of them, as you will see below:

Power Vision PowerEgg X Features & Technical Details

Physically, there is a lot to say about the Power Vision PowerEgg X. Here are the most outstanding physical features:

Design and Build Quality

Size and weight – This drone measures 6.5 by 4.0 by 4.0 inches. This is not too big and it makes traveling with the drone ever so easy. It is shaped like an egg hence the name. The take off weight of this drone is 862g. You definitely have to register it with the FAA if you are in North America.

Material – This drone is a strong and durable drone. It will not fall apart after a collision. However, do ensure that it does not collide. Fly it where there are no obstacles especially because it does not avoid obstacles in failsafe return.

The outer casing of the drone is made of high quality plastic shell. You will also have to remove the glossy white shell to reveal the cameras underneath.

Please note; you have to add the waterproof shell housing of the drone. You can check whether it is available in the market because it wasn’t a couple of months ago. You also have to install the landing gear, which by the way looks like a seaplane’s landing gear.

Style – This is not a foldable drone. However, the propeller arms are removable and in fact, they have their own slot in the carry case. When you are done using the drone, return the glossy white covers over the camera, remove the propellers and arms and store them in their space.

Motors – Motors that will resist wind speeds of up to 20 knots, fly for 30 minutes and over a distance of 6km must be very good. And indeed, they are super good. They do not overheat, get tired or require lots of maintenance.

Camera Quality

The PowerEgg X comes with a 4K camera. It captures videos and photos at 4K resolution. The video quality is good, not really stunning, but good. With 75Kbps bit rate, this camera’s footage fades a little when compared to those with higher bit rate, say, like 100Kbps bit rate.

For photos, you get a 12MP camera and the photos come without a fisheye effect. The photo quality drops just a bit when you take them in low light, but it is alright.

This camera has a 3-axis mechanical stabilizing gimbal. It will keep your video and photo footage distortion-free all the time. Even when you take the photos in the rain or in low light, they will still be decent. For effect, you can fly the drone towards the sun so the camera will add flares to your photos. Some people like this effect, some don’t.

Get a nice first person view experience with this drone, by using your iPhone or android phone. The package comes with a cable for connecting your phone to the remote controller.

You may use this camera in handheld mode. It even comes with a wrist strap for that. Even the 3-axis gimbal works in such a way to eliminate shaking and give you high quality footage all the time.

Finally, you can use this camera in AI mode. What this means is that you can set it up on a tripod or in other ways as a stationary camera and it will deploy its PowerVision’s facial recognition and other technologies to produce stylish, professional shot compilation.

Battery and Flight Time

This drone uses a high capacity Lipo 3S battery, 3800mAh. Of course, to withstand the wind and fly for such a long time and distance, you need such a high capacity battery. The weight of the battery alone is 237g, which is a bit heavy, but it is still good. You will get a maximum of 30 minutes of flight time from a full charge. Use the provided intelligent charger for faster charging and for protecting the battery.

Remote Controller

The remote controller is as well built as the drone itself. It has a built-in battery with a capacity of 3500mAh. It also has a mobile device holder. It supports devices with a thickness of less than 8.3mm and the width of the device should not be more than 6 inches.

Flight Features and Functions

Here are just a few of the flight functions that make the PowerVision PowerEgg X a joy to fly:

Facial recognition

This is a very important function for tracking. It will help the drone recognize the face of a subject even in a crowd of many people. It locks onto the subject and tracks them from a respectable distance.

Automatic return to home

If this drone loses signal with the controller or it loses battery power, it will turn back and come home. This is a safety function. It ensures your drone does not vanish.

Obstacle avoidance system

Beside the main camera, there are two camera facing each side of the drone. These are for helping the drone to avoid obstacles in its course. The obstacle avoidance system is forward and downward facing only.

There is one downside though. If the drone is on a return to home path, it will not be able to avoid obstacles.
Power Vision PowerEgg X Obstacle Avoidance System

Precise hovering

The drone has a downward facing camera that enables it to hover precisely and lock onto a spot. You can take stable photos and videos with the drone in this mode. There is no distortion.

Gesture recognition

This is your selfie drone. It recognizes various gestures and it can start capturing video at the snap of a finger.

SyncVoice technology

With this technology, you can be able to add audio to your videos. We all know that drone videos don’t have sound. However, you can now create videos with sound. Just turn SyncVoice on in your smartphone. You can also add voice to your video by using wireless microphones.

Power Vision PowerEgg X Flight Features and Functions

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I love snorkeling and so this drone appealed to my love of the water. However, I am unhappy that I paid so much. I feel they should have included the waterproof case into the first drone price. Eliud S.

I have been around drones for some time and I consider myself a sort of a drone connoisseur. I had to test the weatherproofness of The Egg in the snow and I am not disappointed. Raymond G.

I love the intelligent battery features. I can see the remaining amount of charge remaining thanks to the LED indicators. Theo R.

For such a price, I honestly expected that they would toss in a Micro SD card. They did not, but I bought one anyway to store more footage. Nathan N.

I marvel at the construction of this drone. I don’t have one, but my brother, a farmer has one for checking his farm. Jay P.

PowerVision PowerEgg X Pros

  • High-speed flight mode at 40mph
  • Can resist winds of up to 20 knots
  • Has precision hovering and stays steady for taking photos and videos
  • High quality carry-case
  • Supports micro SD card of up to 128GB for more video and photo storage
  • Can be used as a camcorder, tripod-attached or a flying camera
  • Enables you to add voice to your videos
  • Weatherproof drone – can fly well in the wind, snow and rain

PowerVision PowerEgg X Cons

  • Some people complain that firmware updates can mess the camera
  • This is an expensive drone, even when you buy without the waterproofing case

Power Vision PowerEgg X Waterproof drone

Who Should Buy the PowerVision PowerEgg X Drone

While we suggest many drones as befitting for beginners and advanced users, the PowerEgg X drone is best suited to advanced users only. Because of the high camera quality, you can even use it for photography. The 3-axis mechanical gimbal will keep the camera stable and therefore help you capture distortion-free images and videos. The design of this drone is very daring and it requires a daring master who will take it to the water, snow, wind and other conditions without fear.

Conclusion and Recommendation

You have seen just how exciting the weatherproof PowerVision PowerEgg X drone is. However, until you learn how to use every function, you will not fully enjoy the power that it comes with. However, there are some recommendations. First, get a micro SD card for storing your photos and videos. Secondly, fly the drone in default mode when the obstacle sensors are on. However, once you become sure-fingered, fly it in Professional or “P” mode and see just how agile it becomes. To be able to use the AI flight features, read the user manual keenly, understand what every feature and function does. After that, you may use the PowerEgg X as a camcorder camera, drone camera or attach it to a tripod.

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